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invest in eternity - serve in dawson kids

investor n. [in • ves • tor] - An adult who sacrificially serves and devotes time and energy to the children in dawson kids. An investors main objective is to see children and families be confident in Christ.

Sunday morning investor - 9:40a.m. - 10:45a.m. Sunday morning investors are paired with other investors and given user-friendly, Gospel-centered curriculum and all the supplies needed/requested. Investors get to share the truth of the Gospel each week no matter where they are in their 66 books of the Bible. dawson kids staff works closely with investors to provide a sub when you need to be absent.

Wednesday collide investor - 6:40-7:30p.m. - Collide Tribe Investors spend an entire year (summers off) with a small group of kids. Each week we take Sunday's lesson and help kids experience the truths they heard Sunday in different ways. tribe leaders only have to prep by reading Sunday's lesson and reading email about plans for each Wednesday night.

Bible Drill-Sunday Evening 5-6p.m. (September-April with December off)- Bible Buddies is for 1st-2nd graders learning the books of the Bible and about the books of the New testament. In Bible Drill kids prepare to drill, memorize books of Bible, key passages and more.

Hearts & Hands – Sunday at 8:25, 9:40, & 11:00a.m. or Wednesday 5:45-7:30p.m. - Hearts & Hands buddies provide one-on-one support for a child with special needs to help them participate in Sunday morning and Wednesday night activities with their peers as well as in spaces and activities designed just for them! Most buddies serve just once a month, with the same child each month. By serving as a buddy, you enable the child and his/her entire family to hear the Gospel each week and to play an active role in the life of the church!

At this time we need more than 40 Sunday morning investors.

1st Grade - 4 investors needed

2nd Grade - 6 investors needed

5th Grade - 4 investors needed

Hearts and Hands - 10 investors needed

At this time we need more than 40 collide tribe investors.

1st Grade - 4 tribe investors needed

2nd Grade - 3 tribe investors needed

3rd Grade - 7 tribe investors needed

4th Grade - 5 tribe investors needed

5th Grade - 2 tribe investors needed

Hearts and Hands - 5 investors needed

At this time we need more than 15 Bible Drill Investors.

1st-2nd Bible Buddies - 5 Investors Needed

3rd-5th Grade Bible Drill - 10 Investors Needed

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