How to analyze RS232?

What is RS232?

RS-232 (English Recommended Standard 232) is the physical layer standard for the asynchronous interface (UART). Widely known as a serial port of personal computers. Historically, it was widely used in telecommunications equipment. Currently used to connect to computers a wide range of equipment that is undemanding to the speed of exchange, especially if it is significantly removed from the computer and deviates from the standard application conditions. In computers occupied by office and entertainment applications, almost supplanted by the USB interface.

RS-232 provides data and some special signals between the terminal (English Data Terminal Equipment, DTE) and the communication device (English Data Communications Equipment, DCE) for a distance of up to 15 meters at the maximum speed (115200 baud). Because This interface is known not only for its simplicity of programming, but also for its unpretentiousness, in real conditions it is often not ceremonious, and this distance is increased many times with an approximately proportional decrease in speed.

The interface protocol assumes two modes of data transmission: synchronous and asynchronous, as well as two methods for managing data exchange: hardware and software. Each mode can work with any control method. The protocol also assumes the option of controlling the transmission of data on special signals set by the host (DTR - state ready signal, DSR - signal ready to transfer data).

For data transfer via the RS-232 interface, the NRZ code is used, which is not self-synchronizing, so the start and stop bits are used for synchronization, allowing to select the bit sequence and synchronize the receiver with the transmitter.

RS232 monitor software is useful to you both for monitoring the transfer of data by other applications, and directly, for sending and receiving data via the serial port (RS232) of your computer. The program allows you to save data to a file in various ways and visualize data on the monitor screen. It can be useful both for beginners and professionals.

With RS232 Protocol Analyzer you can easily work with any devices that work both on the RS232 interface, and on RS485 and RS422 with the appropriate converter. You can monitor the communication between any Windows application and an external device connected to the serial port. It can be a measuring device, industrial controller or home radio station, or another computer connected via a z-modem or null-modem cable. In any case, you will work with a convenient, pleasant and friendly interface with maximum comfort.