Seoyoung Kim

About Me

I am a Ph.D. candidate in School of Computing at Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST). I am in KIXLAB and advised by Juho Kim. My research interests lie in Human Computer Interaction (HCI), user-centered design, personalization, large-scale data mining, and human behaviors. You can reach me at

Curriculum Vitae

On-going Projects

Understanding the Effects of Accuracy Disparity of Automatic Speech Recognition Systems in Multilingual Settings (Click to see more!)

Automatic speech recognition (ASR), which automatically converts speech to text, is known to help non-native speakers to better understand and participate in communication. However, the accuracy of ASR is relatively low for non-native speakers compared with standard English speakers. This may influence non-native speakers to speak out and also affect other listeners to focus on non-native speakers' speech. To this end, we aim to understand the negative effects the accuracy gap of ASR brings to the communication settings.

Understanding how older learners watch a MOOC video by analyzing learners' events logs in K-MOOC---a Korean MOOC platform (Click to see more!)

One of the expectations of MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) is to enable lifelong learning. However, previous research indicates that older adults show slow digital readiness and slow acceptance of technologies. To this end, we investigates how older adults take MOOC lecture videos by taking mixed-methods approach: quantitative measure by analyzing K-MOOC event logs of 2018 and qualitative measure by interviewing older adults.


Saelyne Yang, Jisu Yim, Aitolkyn Baigutanova, Seoyoung Kim, Minsuk Chang, Juho Kim, "SoftVideo: Improving the Learning Experience of Software Tutorial Videos with Collective Interaction Data", IUI'22

Seoyoung Kim, Seokhun Jeong, Seulgi Choi, Juhoon Lee, Juho Kim, "Data-Driven and Personalized Vocabulary Recommendation for English Learners", KSC'21, Poster, *Outstanding Paper Award*

Seoyoung Kim, Arti Thakur, Juho Kim, "Understanding Users' Perception Towards Automated Personality Detection with Group-specific Behavioral Data", CHI'20, Video Preview, Video Presentation

Seoyoung Kim, Arti Thakur, Juho Kim, "You are How You Behave in Your Group: Predicting Personality via Behaviors in a Co-located Group", CSCW'19 Workshop on Learning from Team and Group Diversity

Seoyoung Kim, Soonwoo Kwon, Donghoon Shin, Juho Kim, An Analysis of K-MOOC Learners’ Data and an Investigation of its Future Applications, Issue paper of Korea's National Institute for Lifelong Education 2019

Seoyoung Kim, Jiyoun Ha, Juho Kim, "Detecting Personality Unobtrusively from Users’ Online and Offline Workplace Behaviors", CHI’18 LBW Video Preview Poster

Seoyoung Kim, Taeho Kim, Jinah Park, "Modeling 3D Cell Nucleus by Template-based Deformable Model with Confined-region Determined by Cellular Characteristics," International Forum on Medical Imaging in Asia (IFMIA) 2017, pp. 17-20, 2017. *Oral Presentation*

Jeongwoo Kim, Charndoh Bak, Inseop Kim, Seoyoung Kim, Junbum Cha, Sanghyun Park, "SESE: Inferring disease-gene relationships using Second Sentence in biological literature", Poster abstracts of The IEEE International Conference on Biomedical and Health Informatics (BHI 2016), LasVegas, USA, January, 2016.


Student Volunteer for CHI'18, CSCW'19

CSCW'19 Asia Winter School


2012.03 ~ 2016.02 : B.S. Degree in Computer Science, Yonsei Univ. (Magna Cum Laude)

2016.03 ~ 2018.08 : M.S. Candidate in School of Computing, KAIST

2018.09 ~ : Ph.D. Candidate in School of Computing, KAIST


Fluent in Korean and English & Conversational level in Chinese


I like to travel around cities in China, eat Chinese foods, listen to Chinese music, and learn Chinese culture. I am also interested in perfumes and teas.