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Backlinkbuilding DON'TS

Normally, if you build a backlink in a place that search engines ignore, you've just wasted your time. However, search engines are wary about links from paid directories, because they know that's an attempt to manipulate them. And links from "submit any link here!" pages may hurt a bit. Instead, stick to directories that are related to your topic, like an "arts and crafts" directory, or stick to directories which use categories and tags, so that they list similar (related, relevant) pages on the same page.

MY Favorite Backlink Building Technique

Make amazing, unique, and interesting pages that people WANT to link to. Write on what you love and what you know. Give people the answers they're looking for. Give people content they can't find anywhere else (your photos, your experience, your knowledge and expertise, your recommendations). Make your lenses look great using the tips I gave back in Part I. Create content worth linking to, and people will build backlinks for you!


Do Only As Much As You Want

You can't follow all the tips here, or you'll never have time for the most IMPORTANT thing: your content!

SEO is like using a neon sign, buying a Yellow Pages listing or running a radio commercial. Each can help, but you don't have to do them all to attract customers.

What matters most is what's inside. A hole-in-the-wall cafe can beat one with glitzy ads, if the food's good!

The one thing you can't do later is change the URL. Pick a good one with keyword research.

Advanced SEO Tip #1

Make Your Search Engine Results Sexy!

When someone searches for a word or phrase on Google, the listing returns TWO important pieces of your lens: (1) the lens title and (2) an excerpt showing the first place where the keywords appear on your lens.

That's your billboard! That search engine listing is your one chance to get people to click on your link! Make it sexy!

seo expert charlotte nc