SEO Jobs

SEO Jobs......

I can do almost anything BUT there are a few SEO/Google things I don't like doing!

I love working on well constructed Wordpress websites and can usually make a huge difference to your business. I really like working with Estate Agents and Car Dealerships as the products for sale are unique and a breeze for me to rank high on Google!

I can't work on Google Paid Ads accounts with low, low budgets as it is an auction and many factors lay in the way of being top on Google paid search all the time. Budget is a key factor here.

I do have an official Google My Client Centre with which I can manage your account and Google make it so I can't see your bank details - fine!

Please remember I do this SEO, Social and Paid Ads thing part time and especially when it's cold and wet outside!

Questions? E Mail or call 07307 607395