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Expert SEO and Google Local Guide in Plymouth, Devon.

Expert SEO since 1997. Google Ads Set Up and Management. Wordpress Manager. Plymouth, Devon and Cornwall

Top SEO Service in Plymouth, Devon and Cornwall. 20 Years Experience. Google Local Guide, Photographer and Partner.

£50 for a two hour consultant and the lowest price in Devon and Cornwall

Welcome to the Google Sites designed website home of

Low Cost Digital Marketing and Local SEO Services here in Plymouth, Devon and Cornwall.

Affordable Search Engine Optimisation & Google Ads set up and management plus Google Your Business set up and management

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Google My Business accounts set up for success with one month support and help via

Messenger or mobile phone – 07307 607395

I offer the most sensible and affordable SEO solution around with low cost one off jobs…for a very affordable rate. No dodgy, rip off, expensive locked into contracts! If we do agree on a monthly contract the fee will be low and easy for you to leave any time … just saying!

Affordable SEO jobs should be about eight hours in duration and professionally taken care of by known expert David Saunders

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Search Engine Optimisation and Internet Marketing Pioneer (since 1999)

Google Ads (formerly Google Adwords) set up and monthly management with our approved Google My Client Centre

Google Local Guide official (Plymouth, Devon and Cornwall)

Google Master Photographer – official

2 hour meeting and consultation £50. Meet up at the Treasury Cafe and Bar in Plymouth or at the Manadon Sports Community Hub in Manadon Park.

Google My Business set up and management- official

Small Business Website Presence you can do it free!

Google Street View trusted professional – official. Millions of photo views.

Estate Agents, Car Dealers, Hotels, Retail Shops and Restaurants – I help you!

Listing on Bing, Apple and Google

Blogging with WordPress (ideal for Estate Agents, Car Dealers, Restaurants and Hotels)

Apple Maps (iPhone/iPad and Safari browser)

So much more…..

Thank you

David (SEO since 1999)

Plymouth, Devon

'phone: 07307 607395