Executive committee (2023-2024):

President:  Edith Kaan, U. Florida

Vice President: Al Kim, U. Colorado

Outgoing President: Sarah Brown-Schmidt, Vanderbilt

Current conference host: Jonathan Brennan, U. Michigan

Next year's conference host:  vacant

Previous conference host: Tessa Warren, U. Pittsburg

Junior EC member: Rebecca Holt, Macquarie

Executive committee (2022-2023):

President: Sarah Brown-Schmidt, Vanderbilt

Vice President: Edith Kaan, U. Florida

Outgoing President: Jennifer E. Arnold, UNC Chapel Hill

Current conference host: Tessa Warren, U. Pittsburg

Next year's conference host: Jonathan Brennan, U. Michigan

Previous conference host: Amanda Rysling, UC Santa Cruz

Junior EC member: Maayan Keshev, UMass

Business committee (2022-2023):
Amanda Rysling (UCSC), Amit Almor (U. South Carolina), Amy Schafer (U. Hawaii), Brian Dillon (UMass Amherst), Christopher Hammerly (UBC), Colin Phillips (U. Maryland), Craig Chambers (U. Toronto), Daniel J. Grodner (Swarthmore), Daniel Parker (The Ohio State U.), Daphna Heller (U. Toronto), Dianne Bradley (CUNY Graduate Center), Duane Watson (Vanderbilt), Edith Kaan (U. Florida), Elsi Kaiser (U. Southern California), Emily Morgan (UC Davis), Eva Wittenberg (Central European University, Vienna), Fernanda Ferreira (UC Davis), Jared Novick (U. Maryland), Jennifer Arnold (UNC Chapel Hill), Jesse Harris (UCLA), John Hale (U. Georgia), John Trueswell (U. Pennsylvania), Jonathan R. Brennan (U. Michigan), Julie Van Dyke (Haskins), Maayan Keshev (UMass Amherst), Mara Breen (Mt. Holyoake), Maria Pinango (Yale), Matt Traxler (UC Davis), Matt Wagers (UC Santa Cruz), Michael Walsh Dickey (U. Pittsburgh), Patrick Sturt (U. Edinburgh), Roger Levy (MIT), Sarah Brown-Schmidt (Vanderbilt), Shari Speer (Ohio State U.), Susanne Gahl (UC Berkeley), Ted Gibson (MIT), Tessa Warren (U. Pittsburgh), Tom Wasow (Stanford), Vicky Lai (U. Arizona), Victor Ferreira (UC San Diego), Whitney Tabor (U. Connecticut), Yi Ting Huang (U. Maryland), Zenzi Griffin (U. Texas Austin) 

Executive committee (2021-22):

President: Jennifer E. Arnold, UNC Chapel Hill

Vice President: Sarah Brown-Schmidt, Vanderbilt

Outgoing President: Janet Fodor, CUNY

Current conference host: Amanda Rysling, UC Santa Cruz

Next year's conference host: Tessa Warren, U. Pittsburg

Previous conference host: John Trueswell, U. Pennsylvania

Business committee (2021-22):

Adrian Staub (UMass Amherst); Al Kim (U. Colorado); Amit Almor (U. South Carolina); Amanda Rysling (UC Santa Cruz); Amy Schafer (U. Hawaii); Brian Dillon (Umass Amherst); Colin Phillips (U. Maryland); Craig Chambers (U. Toronto); Daphna Heller (U. Toronto); Di Bradley (CUNY Graduate Center); Duane Watson (Vanderbilt); Edith Kaan (U. Florida); Ellen Lau (U. Maryland); Elsi Kaiser (U. Southern California); Emily Morgan (UC Davis); Eva Witternberg (UC San Diego); Fernanda Ferreira (UC Davis); Gerry Altmann (U. Connecticut); Jared Novick (U. Maryland); Jennifer Arnold (UNC Chapel Hill); Jesse Harris (UCLA); Jesse Snedeker (Harvard); John Hale (U. Georgia); John Trueswell (U. Pennsylvania); Julie Van Dyke (Haskins); Liina Pylkkanen (NYU); Matt Traxler (UC Davis); Matt Wagers (UC Santa Cruz); Mike Dickey (U. Pittsburgh); Patrick Sturt (U. Edinburgh); Roger Levy (MIT); Sarah Brown-Schmidt (Vanderbilt); Shari Speer (Ohio State U.); Susanne Gahl (UC Berkeley); Tamara Swaab (UC Davis); Ted Gibson (MIT); Tessa Warren (U. Pittsburgh); Tom Wasow (Stanford); Victor Ferreira (UC San Diego); Whitney Tabor (U. Connecticut); Yi Ting Huang (U. Maryland); Zenzi Griffin (U. Texas Austin)

The HSP society developed out of years of collaboration from members of the scientific community associated with the CUNY conference on human sentence processing. Below are the committees that contributed to this effort.

Interim advisory committee (2018-2019): This group began conversations about whether we should form a society and if so, what it should look like. Our initial goal was to consider whether the community of scholars associated with the CUNY conference would be well served by a formal society, and learning about what steps this would require.  For starters, we are forming an informal society webpage. Future goals will be to consider whether to form an official society, and begin steps in that direction.

Chair: Sarah Brown-Schmidt; Members: Jennifer Arnold; Brian Dillon; Fernanda Ferreira; Vic Ferreira; Maryellen MacDonald

Website committee (2018-2021): Brian Dillon and Jennifer Arnold

Society development committee (2019-2021): This group developed a specific proposal for a nonlegal society and presented it to the CUNY conference community in March 2021 for a vote. The community overhwhelmingly supported the foundation of a society. Chair: Jennifer Arnold; Members: Brian Dillon; Ted Gibson; Jesse Harris; Colin Phillips, Shari Speer.

Naming committee (2019-2021): In parallel with launching this society, it became clear that the original CUNY name was no longer appropriate for this conference. This group developed a procedure for eliciting name suggestions and voting on alternatives, which was presented to the CUNY conference community in March 2021 for a vote. Chair: Tessa Warren, Members:  Amit Almor, Janet Fodor, Daphna Heller, Tom Wasow, Eva Wittenberg.

Voting committee 1 (March 2021): This group oversaw the vote to create a society and change the name of the conference in March 2021 at the CUNY conference held virtually at UPenn. Jennifer Arnold, Brian Dillon, Jesse Harris, Vic Ferreira, Miren Edelstein.

Voting committee 2 (May-June 2021): Emily Morgan and Eva Wittenberg oversaw the vote for the inaugural President and Vice President for the society.

Business committee (2018-2021): This group provided discussion, feedback, and guidance about the shaping of the society and name procedure:  Gerry Altmann, Amit Almor, Jennifer Arnold, Diane Bradley, Sarah Brown-schmidt, Craig Chambers, Rui Chaves, Chuck Clifton, Mike Dickey, Brian Dillon, Eva Fernandez, Fernanda Ferreira, Vic Ferreira, Janet Fodor, Lyn Frazier, Susanne Gahl, Ted Gibson, Peter Gordon, Zenzi Griffin, John Hale, Jesse Harris, Daphna Heller, Yi Ting Haung, Elsi Kaiser, Edith Kaan, Al Kim, Jean-Pierre Koenig, Ellen Lau, Roger Levy, Maryellen MacDonald, Gail Mauner, Emily Morgan, Jared Novick, Neal Peralmutter, Colin Phillips, Liina Pylkkanen, Amy Schafer, Jesse Snedeker, Shari Speer, Adrian Staub, Patrick Sturt, Matt Traxler, John Trueswell, Julie Van Dyke, Matt Wagers, Tessa Warren, Tom Wasow, Duane Watson, Eva Wittenberg, Masawya Yoshida, Judith Degen, Tamara Swaab, Whitney Tabor