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Yes, I CAN

Create a digital portfolio that includes the following six performance objectives:

1️⃣ Produce a podcast. [Listen] Produce un podcast.

2️⃣ Upload a resume. [See Example] Sube un currículum.

3️⃣ Make a poster and an infographic. [See Example] Haz un cartel y una infografía.

4️⃣ Embed a calendar. [See Example] Insertar un calendario.

5️⃣ Build a presentation. [See Example] Crea una presentación.

6️⃣ Collaborate on a global business project. [See Example] Colabora en un proyecto empresarial global.

Designed to prepare students with the knowledge and skills to be an asset to the collaborative, global, and innovative business world of today and tomorrow.
Students: "Luck is no accident." Luck in my dōjō will require effort. Learning is not a passive activity. Knowledge is to be acquired. You must become an active learner, dedicated to the principle of lifelong learning. I invite you to "Think Different" and increase your capacity to help solve the world's biggest problems.Think of me as your "guide on the side" and as a curator of meaningful connections. May your life be enriched, elevated, and transformed through a more personal learning experience in my dōjō classroom — Senseilue
Digital Business Applications (Test #215, 46pts)
Strand 1 (13 pts 28%)Students will utilize information and technology tools to conduct business effectively and efficiently. (Integrated use throughout the course) Strand 2 (7 pts 15%)Students will understand ethical and legal issues pertaining to business.
Strand 3 (9 pts 19%)Students will communicate through the utilization of audio and video applications.
Strand 4 (6 pts 13%)Students will work with digital images and print media using cloud based design graphics (e.g., canva,, piktochart, etc.).Strand 5 (2 pts 4%)Students will use technology to explore educational and career opportunities.
Strand 6 (9 pts 19%)Students will understand the impact and advantages of technology relating to the globalization of business.

Performance Objective

Create an online portfolio with 5 of the 6 options:

  1. Post an original student created podcast.

  2. Upload your resume and cover letter.

  3. Upload a business document using your print media.

  4. Link to your online, shared calendar.

  5. Link to or upload your presentation.

  6. Link to or upload your collaborative global business project.