Sensei Green

Seventh Grade Science - Room 3

Middletown Middle School

Because Google Classroom needs school email access, parents can view some of the slides or Prezi here.

We have had some DIFFICULTY showing slide shows (snafu and/or school filter), so I am posting them HERE and embedding them to make it easier!

One is Back To School Night for parents without the rotation timer rushing you out!

The second is the Google Slide show for the second week's notes.

#3 is the Prezi on ATOMS.

LAB PROCEDURES are STRICT! FAR SAFETY'S SAKE, I will exclude any disruptive or unsafe students from hands-on-participation. Our fist lab is relatively safe, but anyone NOT following safety rules will be excluded from doing the lab. If they cause a further distraction or initial DANGER, they will be removed from the classroom and given an F for the 150 pt assignment. This can only be made up by 6 individual two-page science reports (at least ONE related to the lab subject) ALL which must be completed before the lab due date).


YOU MAY TRY THE BURNING CALORIES EXPERIMENT AT SCHOOL (during after-school lab 12/13. Space is limited) AND TRY different set-ups to get a burn time which matches the ideal calories. For example: take ONE food item you had and got 0.4-0.6 accuracy for comparisons. Find the ideal burn time which WOULD have gotten closer to 1.0 accuracy. Use the label calories (24.55c for a snack) and multiply that by 8.192 to find the number of seconds it SHOULD have burned.

{24.55 x 8.912 = 201 seconds = 3 minutes, 21 seconds}

Change conditions of burning, equipment, preparation until you find the BEST match for that sample snack burn time of 3:21. RECORD EACH TRIAL and detail of how you experimented.

BACK to SCHOOL Night 2

The Google Slides AND a Prezi are examples here.

There WILL be for a presentation students, where they will work with the format or their choice by assigned subjects. DATES TBA.