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Get FASTER, Higher and more RELIABLE Delivery By Using OUR SMTP account, Seasoned IP Address and Powerful Servers To Send Your Campaigns…

Sendiio 2.0 Elite Review Sure again I'm in this video I want to simplify Your Role to send you a success and put you on the fast lane what if you can bypass all the technical set up of setting up your SMTP having to deal with settings in your C panel and having to install a snippet of code at cetera all the we walk you through every step of the process for setting up your SMTP would send you do inside of the members area it can still be quite a challenge if you're not text Savvy with the agency account that you already purchased we also greatly recommend that you slowly warm up your account over time so that the IP address that you'll be sending from doesn't get blocked by the major email service providers and prevents your emails from being delivered but what if you can bypass all of that what if you can log in to send you and start using it right away by leveraging our Seasons IP address and SMTP server what that's what I want to talk to you about in this video we built an entire selling system inside of sun deal with our own dedicated IP addresses and SMTP server that have already been warmed up and seasoned so that you can paint can be delivered directly into your subscribers inbox right out of the gate this means no messing around with any SMTP Integrations yourself know how to install any dkim the Mark or SPF code know having to set up a bounce removal email none of the technical set up that you're crying with our agency account

on this page you can access our send you a new package will you be using our servers and SMTP details to send your campaign just like all the other major autoresponders like a Weber and get response all you have to do is literally import your leads connected them and you want to send from and send your campaigns that is it by using our seasoned IP address and already warmed up server you can Bank on much better and faster deliverability which ultimately leads to more profit hitting your account much faster let me show you how much faster you can get up and running with our send your Elite account or I guess who I'm just quick video I'm going to show you exactly how you can log in to send you and start connecting to our Elite service right away so that you can have our servers processing your campaigns and avoid having to do any technical setup and avoid having to pay for any third-party SMTP server is okay using hourly service is just like connecting to any other autoresponder where you can just log in import your list to connect to early service and start sending your emails okay so all you have to do to connect to our Elite services to come here to the left hand side and click on a link accounts click a delete account give that little car name so I can go ahead and put Joshua Zamora to choose a from email is going to be on this end your server so that your deliverability is better

so I'm going to put Joshua Zamora at send you and then I'm going to set a reply to email as well in case someone does reply to my emails it goes to the direct email box okay and this is my support desk email so I'm going to put that there in case someone does reply pay from here I'm going to go ahead and click add and now that Elite service has been added to my account okay I'm from here all you have to do is assign them to different lists and you'll be able to start using our Elite service to send to any of your list that you have in your account okay so it's that simple it literally takes two seconds to come in here and connect to our Elite service you just coming here to Edith accounts kick a delete account still this out assign them to your list and you can start sending to your subscribers right away using our servers nothing else for you to set up how is he is that right it literally takes seconds to get connected to our premium dedicated IP addresses and season servers and you can start sending your campaigns right away at this point you may be wondering Josh I would love to bypass the entire SMTP setup process and just use your proven and season sending system but how much is it and if you thinking that were probably going to charge with all the other major auto-responders charge on a monthly basis you'd be right at takes out a lot of money time and resources to keep a premium sending system

ike this up and running and to allow users to use it as well our system comes packed with multiple dedicated IP addresses dkim an SPF records already taken care of for you for an amazing delivery right into your subscribers inbox bounce and complete monitor with built-in and handled for you and much much more as I showed you in the demo you literally just connected to Main and go and that's why we will be charging the premium monthly fees that the big-name however since you're one of our early adopters we're offering massive discount on our packages for the next week only you'll be able to secure our premium monthly package massive discount but once this discount expires it's gone for good no exceptions so make sure you go belittles video and choose the package that's right for you and of course you're covered by a 30-day money-back guarantee if for some reason you're not satisfied with using our premium sending system to shoot us an email I will cancel your account immediately and refund you right away go ahead and choose your package below