Graduate Students'

in International Economics


The GSIE Seminar aims to provide a platform for PhD students recent, graduates in International Economics and visitors to present their research and receive feedback from other students and researchers. While primarily established for students at the Paris School of Economics and Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne, we gladly welcome presentations and blog contributions by students from other institutions.

The seminar takes place on Monday, 1:00 pm to 2:00 pm.

The GSIE Seminar is jointly organized by Maria Bas, Lionel Fontagné and Thierry Verdier with the assistance of Christian Abele and Camille Reverdy.

This seminar is supported by the University Paris 1 Panthéon Sorbonne .


Maison des Sciences Economiques (MSE)

106-112 Bd de L’Hôpital

75013 Paris

Online - Zoom

Meeting number: 976 9565 1406

Password: 983311

Next seminar

Monday January 31st 2022

Fabio Ascione (Paris 1)

A lending hand from abroad? Corporate saving and imported intermediate inputs in three European countries


  • 2022

  • 17th January, Dina Ragab (Paris 1, Cairo University): "Does Past Informality Status Affect the Adoption of Foreign Technology in the Emerging Economies?"

  • 2021

  • 6th December, Christian Abele (PSE): "Reputation in International Trade - Evidence from the Fukushima Nuclear Disaster"

  • 22nd November, Camille Reverdy (Paris 1): "Building a new reputation: the impact of the adoption of voluntary standards"

  • 8th November, Emmanuel Chávez (PSE & EHESS): "Who pays for a Value Added Tax Hike at an International Border? Evidence from Mexico"

  • 25th October, Clara Kögel (Paris 1, OECD): "Air pollution and productivity: Evidence from France"

  • 11th October, Clément Mazet (Banque de France, Sciences Po, Collège de France): "Search Frictions in Credit Markets"

  • 27th September, Karin Gourdon (PSE): "Intra- vs. international transport costs -- the case of US exports to Canada and Mexico"

  • 13th September, Giulia Sabbadini (Geneva Graduate Institute): "Firm-Level Prices and Markups: The Role of Immigrant Employment and Input Quality"

  • 14th June, Alvaro Zuniga-Cordero (PSE, Paris 1): "Globalization, income inequality and political realignment: evidence from Costa Rica"

  • 31st May, Camille Reverdy (Paris 1): "Technical regulations, intermediate inputs and sourcing decisions"

  • 17th May, Monika Sztajerowska (PSE):"Investor-State Dispute Settlement in Investment Agreements: Bringing Evidence to Controversy"

  • 3rd May, Mathilde Muñoz (PSE):"Traded Non Tradables: Offshoring Service Jobs Through Labour Mobility"

  • 19th April, Manon François (PSE, Paris 1): "Profit Shifting and Destination-Based Taxes"

  • 22nd March, Fernando Stipanicic (TSE): "The Diffusion of Knowledge: Evidence from the Jet Age"

  • 8th March, Giulio Vannelli (Università degli Studi di Trento, PSE): "Global Value Chains participation and firm boundaries: evidence from French FDI"

  • 8th February, Cem Özgüzel (OECD):"Shooting down trade"

  • 25th January. Insaf Guedidi (University of Tunis): "Trade Facilitation and Participation in Global Value Chains"

  • 2020

  • 14th December. Tom Raster (PSE): "The Hanseatic League versus its competitors: Evidence from millions of shipments"

  • 30th November. Samuel Delpeuch (Sciences Po): "Productivity Slowdown and MNEs’ Intangibles: where is productivity measured?"

  • 16th November. Clara Kögel (Paris 1-OECD): "Keeping up with the frontier: The effects of financial frictions and intangible capital on technology diffusion"

  • 2nd November. Hoda Assem (PSE): "How Political Tensions Impact Trade: Evidence from Egypt"

  • 19th October. Melina London (University Aix-Marseille): "Cross-Sector Interactions in Western Europe: Lessons From Trade Credit Data"

  • 5th October. Léonard Bocquet (ENS): "Inefficient Market Selection: The Role of Uncertainty and Credit Frictions"

  • 21st September. Bérangère Patault (Crest-Ecole Polytechnique): "How valuable are business networks? Evidence from salesmen in international markets"

  • 22nd June. Etienne Fize (CEA): "Macroeconomic imbalances and the rise of protectionism"

  • 8th June. Bastien Alvarez (ENS Paris-Saclay): "European Integration and the Trade-off between Offshoring and Immigration"

  • 25th May. Christian Abele (PSE): "Firm Reputation in International Trade – Evidence from Disruptions to Chilean Food Exports"

  • 2nd March. Pierre Cotterlaz-Carraz (Science Po): "Information in the First Globalization: News Agencies and Trade"

  • 3rd Jan. Michelle Marshalian (Paris Dauphine): "Trade, Tariffs and Missing Imports: Using trade liberalization to understand business-state relations in Egypt"

  • 2019

  • 9th Dec. Irene Iodice (Sant'Anna, Pisa-Paris 1): "The Sound of Silence. Nontransparent technical requirements as obstacles to trade"

  • 25th Nov. Camille Reverdy (Paris 1-PSE): "Estimating the General Equilibrium Effects of Services Trade Liberalization"

  • 14 Oct. Matthieu LEQUIEN (Banque de France-PSE): "The Heterogeneous Impact of Market Size on Innovation: Evidence from French Firm-Level Exports"

  • 30 Sept. Nevine EL-MALLAKH (Paris 1): "The impact of public research institutions on Innovation"

  • 17 Jun. Monika SZTAJEROWSKA (PSE): "International Investment Agreements and Multinational Activity"

  • 3 Jun. Badis TABARKI (Paris 1-PSE): "Structural Gravity and Welfare in General Equilibrium under size asymmetry and non-homotheticity"

  • 8 Apr. Ludovic PANON (Sciences Po): "Exports and Labor Share: Evidence from French Firms"

  • 25 Mar. Nevine EL-MALLAKH (Paris 1): "The effect of FDI liberalization on manufacturing firms’ technology upgrading"

  • 11 Mar. Pamina KOENIG (University of Rouen-PSE): Reputation and (un)fair trade: Effects on French importers from the Rana Plaza collapse

  • 11 Feb. Anna Maria MAYDA (Georgetown University): The political economy of protection in GVCs: Evidence from Chinese micro data

  • 28 Jan. Bastien ALVAREZ (ENS Paris Saclay) : Labour mobility and skill heterogeneity in Europe

  • 14 Jan. Enxhi TRESA (Cergy-Pontoise) : Public Procurement-Related protection - Insights from the Global Trade Alert Database

  • 2018

  • 26 Nov. 2018 Agnès BENASSY-QUERE (Paris 1 - PSE): Taxing capital and labor when both factors are imperfectly mobile internationally

  • 22 Oct. 2018 Enxhi TRESA (Cergy-Pontoise) : Trade costs in global value chains

  • 15 Oct. 2018 Badis TABARKI (Paris 1-PSE): Is demand CES? Evidence from structural gravity

  • 1 Oct. 2018 Hassem HODA (Paris 1-PSE): Trade and Civil Conflict

  • 17 Sept. Pauline WIBAUX (Paris 1-PSE): Trade Retaliation

  • 4 June Christian VOLPE (Inter-American Development Bank): Information and Exports: Firm-Level Evidence from an Online Platform

  • 9 April Zenathan HASANNUDIN (Paris 1)

  • 26 March Samuel LIGONNIERE (ENS Paris Saclay): Fisherian Deflation and Debt Maturity

  • 12 Feb. Camille REVERDY (ITC, UNCTAD-WTO): The Export Potential of Services

  • 29 Jan. Jaime LEYVA (Paris 1-PSE) : International Banking Flows, The Global Financial Cycle and Local Developments

  • 15 Jan. HERGHELEGIU Cristina (Paris 1-PSE) : Firm adjustment to customs-driven administrative barriers

  • 2017

  • 11 Dec. Ludovic PANON (Sciences Po) : The Cost of Not Getting Along: Interstate Tensions and International Trade