5 Crucial Tips for a Hassle Free Self-Moving Experience

It is always thrilling to move to a new home, especially if you are a new home owner. However, this transition can put undue pressure on you, making the relocation a more daunting task than necessary. It can get even more challenging when you decide to handle the movement yourself. Here are a few tips you can follow to help you have a stress-free moving experience.

Pack Early Enough

Packing is one of the most important pre-move preparation tasks. Immediately you confirm movement, prepare a packing schedule and start with the hardest areas such as the kitchen and stores. Most importantly, get quality shipping boxes for convenience and safety of your belongings. Sort out your stuff before packing to avoid losing valuable possessions. Packing is a tedious task that may drain you physically and mentally so consider seeking help from family and friends. You can also hire professional packers to assist you pack faster and more safely.

Take Safety Precautions

If you are not careful, you can hurt yourself during the preparations and moving process. To be safe, wear safety hand-gloves and comfortable shoes with a good grip and ankle protectors. Clear the moving path of any obstacles and on the moving day, ensure the young kids and pets are not around. Additionally, do not overload the moving boxes, and apply suitable lifting techniques to avoid breaking your back. To protect your belongings from breakages, double tape the cardboard boxes, put clean papers at the bottom of the boxes and create cushioning with layers of soft clothing, which will also help fill up the empty spaces.

Rent an Ideal-sized Moving Truck

If you decide to rent and drive a moving truck, ensure it is spacious enough to accommodate all your stuff. Similarly, it should not be too large because it will be expensive and may cause damages to your belongings if they are not adequately secured.

Seek for Help Early Enough

If your relocation budget is tight and you cannot afford to hire a moving company, you may need to ask for help from your friends and family. In this case, it is only fair that you approach them early enough to avoid inconveniencing them with last minute requests. They may also have personal commitments on your moving day so to avoid frustrations, talk to them as early as possible. For those not available show understanding and for those who offer to help, show gratitude in whichever way you deem appropriate. Prepare yourself for the task well in advance and do whatever you can before they arrive to avoid wasting their time and efforts.

Know When to Hire a Moving Company

Self-moving may appear cheaper than hiring a moving company, but if you are not careful, you may end up spending a lot. It could cost you even more if you are moving to another town or state; if you have no prior experience in organizing a house movement; or if you are moving out of a relatively big house with many, heavy and valuable items. If these are your prevailing circumstances, you may end up paying a lot because there are unforeseen costs such as relocation insurance, road toll and additional loading labor costs among others. In such a case, hiring a professional moving company is a practical and economical option because they have adequate skills and experience to handle the task and they will also save you money and time.

If you are well prepared, you will have an easy time relocating. Before the actual moving day comes, make sure all plans are in order. Buy adequate shipping boxes and contact all parties involved in good time. If you think moving yourself will be too expensive or too tedious, then do not hesitate to seek the services of a professional and affordable moving company.