Seed Treatment

Let Farmers Do the Farming

Farmers know the land better than anyone else. They have learned how soil reacts to treated seeds, and they can determine what treatment is needed under specific circumstances. So, why do large corporations control the treatment of seeds instead of each farmer? Yes, farmers order treated seeds, but need to speculate several months in advance of the planting and growing season. The process is controlled by the few corporations that treat the seeds.

Why It Is Problematic?

There are many reasons this process is problematic for farmers.

Climate conditions are ever-changing so what was needed at ordering time may not be what is needed at planting time

Changes cannot be made once orders are submitted

Treated seeds are expensive and cannot be saved from year to year. They are either planted or wasted

Seeds are treated in massive vats that do not ensure complete coverage

The amount of handling required for bagging and transport compromises coverage even further.

This is also problematic for consumers via produce shortages, higher prices, and chemicals that deplete fruits and vegetables of vitamins.

Empowering Farmers

A solution is available in the way of new farm equipment that allows farmers to treat seeds at the last minute before planting. The on-site box seed treater eliminates ordering seeds months in advance, uneven coverage, and excessive handling. Seeds are treated in small batches with the appropriate blend for current conditions and go from the machine to the planting equipment. There is no waste, the farmer can rely on years of experience on that land, and Seed Treatment is more cost-effective.

The My YIELD seed treating system was developed by farmers for farmers and is available in three sizes to suit the needs of small, medium, and large farms. There are flexible financing options and most farmers experience a full return on their investment in only one year. A wide variety of blends in small quantities are available from the company, with custom blends created upon request. Farmers know what seeds require to grow on their lands under most circumstances. This machine lets them farm the land as they see fit and the results have been higher yields, cost savings, and healthier produce.

Visit the Website

Farmers interested in learning more will want to visit the website for detailed information. There is also a page that connects farmers who are using the machines with farmers who have questions about the machines. Discover how hard-working farmers seeking an alternative partnered with engineers and scientists to come up with an innovative solution to the common problem.