Academic Security and Privacy Research Summit



Internet technologies and the Web, Mobile, and Cloud revolutions have brought many changes with huge benefits, but unfortunately also raised many new challenges to both security and privacy. At Google, providing users with security and privacy is critically important, and we cannot hope to identify or address all the relevant challenges by ourselves, in isolation. As such, we are inviting leading academic researchers for this summit.

The workshop will include: 1) short position talks by all the academic participants, 2) talks by researchers and engineers at Google, and 3) open discussion and breakout sessions motivated by applications at Google and the interests of attendees.

Workshops and Conferences

Each year Google hosts faculty summits and workshops, and sponsors many research symposia that highlight the latest and best research across computer science. These activities are a great way for us to collaborate and learn from our academic colleagues; they also give the academic community the opportunity to learn more about our challenges, as well as our innovation and technology. Learn more here.

Award Programs

While research at Google is vast and varied, we also know that it's at universities where some of the most exciting and game-changing research in computer science and technology is happening. We support academic communities to help further these innovation through our academic funding programs. Learn more here.

Student Support

We are eager to recognize the researchers and innovators of tomorrow. Our student programs provide support through fellowships, scholarships, internships, and other opportunities. Learn more here.

Tools and Resources

Researchers here benefit from Google's incredible scale and infrastructure, and our vast set of tools. We are happy to be able to provide some of these as services to academic and external researchers. Google also has a variety of products and resources aimed to help students, teachers, schools, and universities in their pursuit of education. Learn more here.

Organizers: Ulfar Erlingsson, Negar Saei