Corporate Log

Founder's Log

2001.02: In Indianapolis, the founder of the Secular Library contemplated the apparent contradictory aspects adversely effecting society and committed to seek the cause and render a solution.

2002.12: In Philadelphia, the founder recognized that the atheists were exercising an erroneous definition of religion, and several other terms significant to atheists on Internet discussion forums; and argued that the misnomers were adversely effecting their ability to critically analyse and reason social issues.

2007.01: In Charlottesville, upon commencement of research concerning the comparison of religion to political advocacy organization, the founder encountered that the Dewey Decimal and Library of Congress classification systems were too cumbersome for personal computer directory organization, and subsequently, recognized that the lack of a reliable information classification system is the root cause leading to the contradictory aspects in society that was contemplated in 2001.

2008.02: In New York City, the founder commenced deliberations concerning knowledge organization based on the deliberate pursuit (hypothesis) of a "scientific" classification system.

2008.11: The founder recognized the emergence of a reliable collation.

2009.07: The founder accepted the reliability of the emerging collation, and commenced exercising it exclusively to format a classification system.

2010.06: The founder published the first Internet publication of groups and categories on Google.sites and various Internet discussion forums.

2010.08: The founder became aware of the Open Shelves classification project, and challenged the guardians to revisit and develop the concept that they had abandoned.

2010.11: Revision of several categories including the establishment of the 100: Reality category.

2011.01: 4th revision of categories.

2011.07: Revised numerical coding to four digit system.

2011.10: Returned numerical coding to three digits; revised categories: 200: Innovation to Creation, and 630: Narration to Memory.

2011.11: Revised 310: Individuation to Being; and 102: Systems to Communication.

2011.12: Revised 010: comms to Phenomenon; 100: Reality to Phenomenon; 110: Environment to Reality; 210: Communication to Environment; 560: Wisdom to Era; 660: Evolution to Cosmology.

2012.01: Revised 200: Communication and 210. Creativity; 320: Action to Symptomation.

2012.02: The founder commenced deliberation of an SLC formatted charter system.

2012.09: The founder established on servers.

2012.12: Revised 150: Naturology to Technology.

2013.04: Revised SLC 3: HEALTH to Life; 000: Phenomenon to Process; 120: Classification to Ontology; 200: Communication to Process; 220: Analysis to Metrics; and various sub-categories in the Society and Culture realms.

2013.05: The founder commenced deliberations of second generation of the SLCS.

2013.07: Revised 410: Community to Organization; revised 500: Agreement to Community; and the subcategories associated with changes, and to 110: Environment.

2013.07: The founder established on GoDaddy servers.

2014.01: The founder stabilized the second generation of the SLCS for USA federal government; revised 2: technology to applications.

2014.02: The founder commenced deliberations of third generation of SLCS for USA federal government concentrating on detailed reorganization of departments and agencies.

2014.04: The founder established SecularLibrary, and CyberConvention, forums on ProBoard servers

2014.09: The founder established SLCS electoral college system.

2014.10: Revised the Security Council and Justice Council.

2015.03: The founder stabilized fourth generation of SLCS for USA federal charter with detailed convention of seven articles and founders assembly.

2015.07 The founder established on Weebly servers.

2016.06: The founder established,, on GoDaddy servers.

2016.07: The founder stabilized generation of SLCS for municipal conventions.

2016.11: The founder established on GoDaddy servers.

2016.11: The founder mailed notice to the United States Congress, Congressional Black Caucus, National Football League, and several prominent contestants of racial stratification, that the solution to the Black Lives Matter grievances is going to have to be a constitutional convention to reorder the government institutions; which will subsequently, compel non-white responsibility to the just maintenance of community.

2017.00: The founder established on HostGator servers.

2017.08: The founder commenced concentrated deliberation of the SLCS introductory article and abstract description of the convention series.

2018.01: Upon the founder's satisfaction of the efficient description of the SLCS convention and introductory article he withdraws from concentrated deliberations of the SLCS, and re-designated the document US4CC for better public campaign, and commenced concentrated efforts into the New York City Municipal Charter Convention format/petition (updating the US4CC as appropriate).

2018.05.18: Established the generational mission of the Secular Library Intelligence Service and assigned the former SLCollation icon to serve as the code's trademark.

2018.05.22: Abandoned the CyberConvention forum and established the US4CC forum.

2018.06.26: The founder submitted first abridged US4CC.Brooklyn_Plan to the 2018 New York City Charter Revision Commission.

2018.06.26: The founder submitted a copyright registration for the Secular Library Classification and Chartering System lists to the United States Copyright Office.

2018.07: The founder mailed notice to the National Football Players Association explaining the detrimental error in the Take A Knee campaign compared to the campaign to reorder the government chartering system.

2018.08: The founder submitted second abridged US4CC.Brooklyn_Plan to the 2019 New York City Charter Revision Commission.

2018.09.17: The founder attended the Brooklyn public hearing for the 2019 New York City Charter Revision Commission and introduced the third abridged US4CC.Brooklyn_Plan at the Medger Evers College auditorium.

2018.09.28: The founder received copyright registration certificate for the Secular Library Classification from the United States Copyright Office.

2018.10.17 The founder suspended work on US4CC.Brooklyn_Plan, and dedicated research to better describing the faults and inadequacies of the subsisting three-part government organization model.

2019.01.27: The founder was made aware of the Académie française, and the possibility that they are determined to devise a reliable semantic structure for the French language.

2019.04.10: In New Orleans, the founder reset the Secular Library website to Google Sites servers.

2020.06.05: In Corpus Christi, the founder commenced the SLCS.US4CC.2020 campaign in response to the reinvigorated Black Lives Matter campaign by mailing a request to the Congressional Black Caucus to lead Black Americans to form legal firms to compose directive systems to reorder the government, and sent copies to the parts of the federal government. Including in the campaign was the description that the subsisting charter system skews the approach to domestic tranquility.

2020.07: The founder began championing that a more division of separate entities will provide a better system of checks and balances. Began detailed descriptions of the problems with the subsisting charter system, and benefits of the SLCS system.

2021.03: In San Antonio, the founder began describing the subsisting US Constitution as vulnerable to political alliances, because ideological alliances circumvent the separation of government entities.

2021.05: The founder began describing Constitutional dogma as "the guardians of the Constitution believe that there is a vast bipartisan conspiracy to circumvent the checks and balances."

2021.07: The founder commenced describing the subsisting US Constitution as having been designed under the auspices that the states would be the factions and therefore, unable to circumvent the simple deployment of the three-part separation of powers. Discovered in Federalist Papers 23 & 51 that it appears that James Madison, upon reflection, recognized that interstate political alliances would emerge and possibly cause "dangerous encroachment" if further safeguards are not deployed in the legislative branch.

2021.09: Founder was directed to read a letter by James Madison several months before the Philadelphia Convention, Vices of the Political system of the United States, in which he describes the inevitability of political parties.

2021.11: Commenced work again on deliberating the bureaucracy into SLCS hierarchy system. In recognition of an Albert Eistein quotation commenting on the difference between knowledge and information, the founder revised the corporate mission to reflect that.

22-01-06: Encountered a Tweet about government reform from political scientist William G. Howell, and challenged him (no response); and upon research discovered his co-authorship of a 2016 book criticizing the Constitution, and suggesting the enhancement of presidential powers as the solution. Relic: How Our Constitution Undermines Effective Government. I commenced parsing the text in an effort to enhance the authors' call for deliberation.