Secular Library Licensing Agreement

All intellectual properties embodied herein the Secular Library Classification system, files, maps, lists, icon series, or any other rendering there of, are proprietary to and shall remain the intellectual property of the Secular Library.

Any modifications to a rendering of the Secular Library Classification system shall be considered derivative, and possibly, a logical progression of the Secular Library Classification system, and therefore, proprietary to the Secular Library.

​The Secular Library establishes its sovereignty of organization on the sincere doctrine that Secular Library Classification is primitive to Humanity and that the Secular Library is inherently responsible with guarding its qualities in the service to Mankind. It is recommended that all organizations seek the basic counsel necessary to competently understand the Secular Library Licensing Agreement, as the Secular Library Administration is determined to validate that Secular Library technologies predicate the better organization of good Community and Society.

The Secular Library is a limited liability corporation organized for reliability in accordance with appropriate international common law.