COVID-19 Policies & Information

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Our Policies as of June 15, 2021

Our Studio at 80 Plaza Court, Groton, IS NOW OPEN to everyone, including:

  1. Producers and their show guests. At this time volunteers are allowed everywhere except in the control room, in the interest of safety.

  2. Members of the public interested in a tour or producing a show. Please make an appointment.

Safety guidelines are imposed to ensure everyone's safety:

a. Do not come if you are feeling sick.

b. Always wear a mask if you have not been fully vaccinated.

c. We reserve the right to measure temperature with a no-contact electronic thermometer.

d. Please sanitize your hands with our sanitizer on entry.

e. Please maintain a six foot separation from others, if possible.

We are still producing programs remotely with Zoom, WebEx and Dropbox, where you can submit your own program, and we will edit in your titles. Contact us for more information on these remote productions.

To call us: Tel. 860-449-1477

To email us:

Please do not email individual files larger than 4 MB. We will instruct you on how to send them via our Dropbox.

Our Primary Goal is to keep everyone safe! Our two channels, Community Access (12 on Comcast and Thames Valley, and 6072 on Frontier TV, and Government/Education (96 on Comcast, 670 on Thames Valley, and 6073 on Frontier TV) have been continuously transmitting 24/7.

Sponsored Shows

These are shows that are produced in other franchises and locally sponsored to play on Channel 12 by individuals living in our franchise (Groton, Stonington, North Stonington, Voluntown). We no longer accept DVDs or Physical Media (i.e.: USB Drives) for the shows. You can send digital files via our Dropbox, please contact us for details and a link. If you would like to sponsor a show, please contact us. If you are a producer outside our franchise, and wish to play your productions on our channels, please also contact us for details.

Field Shoots, Remote Productions

We have portable video cameras, tripods, and microphones to lend for remote productions. Please let us know if you are interesed in a field shoot. We will train you to use the equpment, and support the project from start to finish.

Productions on Zoom and networked video applications.

If you wish to produce a show, but don't want to physically enter, or can't come into our studio, we are happy to train you and assist you in using our Zoom Room to interview your guests. After the show, we will instert any titles, credits, images, and lower thirds, for a finished product. Please contact us for this service.


We are living in a rapidly-changing situation, SEC-TV will endeavor to assist as much as we can. The main goal is to keep everyone safe and healthy! This page will be updated with any policy changes as soon as possible.

Please contact us for any additional concerns or information!