Secret of the Pearl

Season 4: Lez Diary

Atlanta - on Saturday, Jan. 19, 2019 9:00pm at The Phillip Rush Center, Jessica Holter and Lez Elegance present Secret of the Pearl Season 4: Lez Diary, a literary revelation of female fantasies. Ripped from real Letters to The Head Doctor and the erotic pages of The Punany Poets 4th installment of Punany: The Hip Hop Psalms IV, Secret delivers raw sensuality on a red velvet bed of erotic poetry, exotic dance and classic erotic sketch theater. Come alone, with a group of friends, or bring a date and play along in this interactive episode of erotic sex education theater, replete with tips and tricks for fantasy-fulfillment, and audience interaction to ad spice back into your romantic life.

‚ÄčThis event is for adult women only. It features content with lesbian leanings and female sexual empowerment at its core. All women are welcome.

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"Princess of Pearls"

The beautiful sculpture used in the Secret of the Pearl campaign was created and donated by Manfred Holz creator of Surrealerotik. Visit his website at