Secret of the Pearl Book

Nobody does picture books for adults like The Punany Poets! The lesbian laureates of the world renown romantic comedy theater troupe have bound their passions in the fourth edition of Punany: The Hip Hop Psalms, a simply elegant twist on erotic urban scripture and hip hop born art.

Like her sister books, Secret of the Pearl is a seductress, pulling you in with the power of eros, to get to the truth. This sassy sister is climaxing with desire to set conversations on fire around your coffee table. Jessica Holter (Author, Founder of The Punany Poets) remains true to her classic formula with Secret of the Pearl, combining erotic poetry, with sensual images and live performance photographs, while taking a sly glance at domestic violence among lesbians and women who love women.

Jessica Holter pens this erotic collection with contributions from some talented writers with graphic imaginations. Packed full of surprises, Holter does not miss a chance to tackle the hard questions. But even the hard stuff slides down like silk, when delivered with the sensual caress of The Punany Poets’ The Head Doctor. Finally, lesbians and women who love women, can enjoy a provocative female focused anthology created exclusively for us! Collect them all: Punany The Hip Hop Psalms I Punany: The Hip Hop Psalms II, Black Love American Style Punany: The Hip Hop Psalms III, The Onliners Punany: The Hip Hop Psalms IV, Secret of the Pearl Punany: The Hip Hop Psalms V, Southern Comfort Punany: The Hip Hop Psalms VI, The Head Doctor’s Sex Tales