2019 Secret Bars of Austin Tour

Gather up your hunting party. This self guided tour will take you to 8 hidden bars in the downtown area. Each of these establishments brands itself as a Speakeasy or "secret bar". Small and exclusive.

Look for you fellow Spiceheads and enjoy a cocktail. Let the adventure begin!

Follow the order below for the shortest walk between locations.

  • 119 E 5th St. - Just outside the Handlebar is a great place to start. Step to the left as you walk out. You will see a door with a combination lock? But you don't have the code? A little subterfuge here. Just wait a few minutes for someone to come or go.

  • 503 Colorado St - Not far from the FDRC, Take a walk west and look for a parking garage. With a sign that says "Cocktails". Go down the ramp. The old valet office was converted into an upscale lounge.

  • 201 East 5th St - Go back the way you came from the Floppy Disk. Just across the street is a basement barber shop thats serves a fresh trim during the day and stiff drinks at night. Be sure and kiss the wall of fame. .

  • 605 Brazos St - Head towards 6th street. On the west edge is an actual hostel where a few Spiceheads have stayed. Walk in, and look for the bookshelf. Slide it out of the way to find a large hidden bar.

  • 313 E 6th St - A short run from the Firehouse or if you're going to be at Touche anyway. Why not have a better drink. This place is reservation only. But, if the red light is on, press the button that says “Harry Kraddock". Ask if there is room at the bar. They may just let you in. This one is seriously sketchy look on the outside. They stuff you into a "booth" which was probably used for something unsavory prior to being a bar. Careful on your drinks here. No prices on the menu.

  • 609 Trinity St - If you walk out of Midnight Cowboy and still have money. Make an immediate left as your walking towards Touche. Up a block. Go to the back, between two seats is a barrel. Push on the barrel out of the way and head to the back.

  • 200 Lavaca St - If your going this far, from 6th. Get a Pedi cab. Go into the Living Room. Find the Records Room. Behind the curtains, in all its red glory.

  • 609 Davis St - Last on the list. If your in teh area. On the back side of the Clive Bar sits a hut right out of Shrek. No need to knock on the red door. Just walk inside.