2018 Secret Bars of Austin Tour

Gather up your hunting party. This adventure will take you on a tour of 8 hidden bars in the area. Each of these establishments brands itself as "secret". Small and exclusive.

Let the adventure begin! Look for you fellow Spiceheads and enjoy a cocktail.

Share the Fun! #Spiceworld2018 on Twitter to help you fellow Spiceheads know where your at.

  • 119 E 5th St. - A door with a combination lock? Don't have code?. Just wait a while, for someone to come or go.

  • 503 Colorado St - Look for a parking garage. Go down the ramp. Swanny cocktail bar in the old valet office.

  • 201 East 5th St - A basement Barber Shop thats serves a fresh trim and stiff drinks.

  • 605 Brazos St - A hostel with a hidden bar. Slide away the bookcase to find what you seek.

  • 313 E 6th St - You're going to be at Touche anyway. Why not have a better drink. If the red light is on this little door then press the button that says “Harry Kraddock"

  • 609 Trinity St - Go to the back, between two seats. Push on the barrel where you hear the beats.

  • 200 Lavaca St - Go into the Living Room. Find the Records Room. Behind the curtains, in all its red glory.

  • 609 Davis St - On the back side of the Clive Bar sits a hut. No need to knock on the red door. Just walk inside.