Secondary Schools Near Me

How Parents Can Evaluate Secondary Schools?

If you are a parent and are looking to enroll your child at a high school, then you must evaluate different schools. This evaluation will help you compare schools so that you can then decide the best one for your child. Your starting point could be looking for ‘secondary schools near me’ online so you get a list of schools. You can then start evaluating the schools on the list, so you can choose the best one.

Evaluating secondary schools

Before you evaluate schools, you need to make a shortlist of schools. You can visit Google or any other search engine and type secondary schools near me. This will produce a list of schools near your location. You can see the list of schools with their website, address, and rating from Google reviews. This can be the start point for your evaluation.

When you search for secondary schools near me, you will see the schools marked on a map. You can browse through the map and even select schools that are a bit far away from your location if you feel the schools are good. Once you finish all this, you can create a list of around 10 schools. You can then evaluate the schools, compare them, and use the results of the comparison to decide the best.

Criteria to evaluate schools

1) The reputation of the school needs to be considered. The school should be well-reputed and have made a name for itself. It must have been operational for a few years and have done well.

2) The track record of the school needs to be verified. This should be in terms of:

a. No. of students enrolled.

b. Percentage of students clearing the entrance exams.

c. No. of students placed at the top colleges.

d. Average marks scored by the students.

3) You need to find out if the school has all the infrastructure and facilities needed to provide quality education. This includes spacious classrooms, well-equipped labs and library, hygienically maintained facilities, and a secure campus. You should visit the school to check this out for yourself.

4) The teaching faculty play a very important role in a school’s success. Find out the credentials of the teachers. You can meet and talk to them to find out how they ensure effective learning.

5) Find out what extra-curricular activities are offered. Understand how the school helps in overall personality development of the student. Look at additional courses offered.

6) Understand the fees charged by the school. This is a key criterion to check.

7) Look at reviews from past and existing students. Check for online reviews and also talk to existing students to get a clear idea about the school.

You can use all the criteria outlined above to evaluate various secondary schools. Searching for ‘secondary schools near me’ will help you make a shortlist. You can then evaluate and compare schools from the list. This will help you find the best school for your child that can help shape your child’s future.

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