Why Should You Choose Alpha Beta College for Security Training in Sydney?

Among the other security training institutions in Sydney, Alpha Beta college has always managed to stay among the top few of them. As security personnel, the students should be molded through the training in such a manner that they understand the responsibility and the importance of the job that they are aspiring to take up. The attentiveness and the vigilance are also the important aspect of this field of work. Or courses of security training in Sydney are designed in such that it beings out students who are fully able and diligent security officers by the end of their courses.

The overview of the course:

The course of CPP20212 Certificate II in Security Operations is being completed by the individuals to obtain the security license Class 1AC in NSW. The design of the course provides a full practical skill and the knowledge that are required to be the efficient security officers.

Some of the workable venues are:-

i. Corporate Offices

ii. Industrial Sites

iii. Sporting Events

iv. Musical Festivals

v. Night Clubs

vi. Shopping Centers

vii. Museums

viii. Educational institutions

ix. Construction sites

x. Aviation, Airport Security

The highlighting factor of our security training institution in Sydney is that there's encouragement of female applicants. There is an also a shortage of professional female security officers. The course has the combination theory and practical training. The role plays, the simulation learning and effective teaching trains the individuals into a responsible security guard. Hence after completion of this course the candidates can opt for more advanced of the security training course.

What are the Possible Career Options after Doing security training Course?

i. Mobile Security Officer

ii. Airport Security Officer

iii. Crowd Controller

iv. Corporate Security Officer

v. Unarmed Security Officer

vi. Loss Prevention Officer

vii. Static Security Officer

viii. Hospitality Concierge Security

The requirements and the eligibility of the course:

As per the norms of the SLED NSW, the candidates must have the following:-

● They must attain the age of 18 years to apply for the security license with SLED

● They must be a Permanent Resident or must have the Australian Citizenship

● Provide 100 points of Approved Organization Student Evidence of Identity at the time of enrolment

● Sign SLED Acknowledgement of Fact Sheet 6 at the time of enrolment

● To meet up the prescribed Language, Literacy and Numeracy requirements as per the SLED requirements

● The candidates must have a strong command in the English language as the communication and the writing ability are the prime components of the course

● The candidates must arrange their USI prior to their course attendance from the USI website

As a renowned security training institution in Sydney, we encourage the candidates to take up the security training course as their bright career option and thrive well through it.