Training with Sebastian is one of the best parts of living in San Francisco. - Roger M.

I credit Sebastian with an overall improvement in my life. I feel confident in my body and my abilities again. - David P.

After doing in-depth research on trainers in the SF area, it was clear that Sebastian was the top pick. And it's true - he's amazing and we couldn't be happier. - Allison C.

After working with Sebastian these past few years, my back is feeling better than ever in my adult life. - Keith A.

These are the first workouts I’ve ever enjoyed. - Jen M.

I have been working out with Sebastian for 10 years. I would recommend him to anyone. - Ben K.

I can't endorse Sebastian's Functional Fitness enough... I've worked with Sebastian in both group settings and in 1-on-1 sessions -- both are fantastic. - Robin G.

Sebastian’s approach to fitness and his commitment to the wellbeing of his clients goes beyond anything I’ve ever experienced in the fitness industry. He exemplifies health in all aspects of his life and focuses on the long-lasting steps to leading a healthy lifestyle. - Jenny S.

I’m in the best shape of my life thanks to training with you. - Lea R.

After I leave class I always feel so happy. Sebastian does such a good job bringing joy and movement together. - Suzanne A.

Asking you to train me was one of the best decisions I made for my health last year. - Liz B.

Sebastian's classes have helped me take my training life to the next level. - Ryan M.

Much more effective at burning calories and spiking metabolism than a gym workout. And more enjoyable. Sebastian's expertly structured workouts are informed by deep kinesthetic knowledge. Worth the money. - H. M.

Sebastian is an extremely gifted trainer and exceptional athlete. - Cyrus K.