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Mentoring & Collaboration

With 15+ years of experience as a movement coach, fitness instructor and dance teacher, I have a knowledge set that I would like to share. I have built a flourishing movement and health coaching practice in the Bay Area, starting from scratch and growing to full-time, year-round. I have been guided by the principles of holistic health and ethical relating, applying philosophical thinking to my work.

I now offer Mentoring & Consultation Sessions to aspiring movement coaches, fitness start-ups, and anatomy nerds, or to those seeking a deeper understanding of healthy movement and ethical coaching practices. These sessions are discussion-based and movement-based, or observational with feedback on your teaching/coaching.

1:1 Hourly Rate: $250

I'm also excited about collaborations dealing with ethical movement training that helps develop the future of fitness, dance, and related disciplines. Please contact me to get the ball rolling and let's see how our interests align.

AGILE BEAST: Dynamic Movement Education for Pro's

AGILE BEAST is a workshop series for movement professionals and other beasts. These sessions feature biomechanics instruction and a unique full-body workout that integrates technical information with dynamic movement training. I focus on "truly functional fitness" protocols, based on the evolutionarily pertinent movement patterns that shaped us: crawling, climbing, walking, jumping and throwing. Topics include: functional anatomy, dynamic range, joint complexes, myofascial lines and networks, postural transitions, acceleration training and creative movement.

AGILE BEAST workshops happen a few times a year, and can be taken live or on-demand via video recording. Ideal for professional and aspiring dancers and athletes, coaches and trainers, pilates and yoga instructors. Learn More:

BodyWAGGING: Biomechanics, Physics, Dance

Dancers and movers of all backgrounds, welcome! My BodyWAGGING classes and workshops focus on fluid movement training to improve coordination and balance while finding ease and pleasureful vigor in dance. Based on my 15-year relationship with studying and contributing to the Axis Syllabus, along with a professional touring dance career and in-depth practice of Contact Improvisation. Learn More:

Contact Improvisation: Special Class

Wednesday, Jan 25th, 2023 @ The Center SF, San Francisco

Join me for a dance class that applies evolved movement strategies to partner dance: crawling, climbing, jumping and more. For all levels; followed by an open dance jam. Info

Spiral Camp: Annual Weekend Intensive

June 2-4, 2023 @ The Finnish Hall, Berkeley

Spiral Camp is my collaboration with acclaimed teacher and mover Shira Yaziv. We jointly lead a weekend intensive featuring related physical training: biomechanics, fluid acrobatics, contact improvisation, handstand training, creative movement games. Building community and wellbeing is at the heart of our Camp. I hope you'll join! Learn More:


Spiral Day: Outdoor Movement Workshop

Sunday, July 31, 2022 @ Oakland, California

Join us for a full day of dynamic movement and play! We'll use fields, forests and trails in the Oakland Hills to connect with each other and nature. Co-taught with Shira Yaziv. Info

Axis Syllabus in the Park

September 3-5, 2022 @ Santa Cruz, California

I'm teaming up with Miranda Janeschild to lead a 3-day workshop, 2 classes per day. We're focusing on biomechanics, fluid movement, and dance. Info