Group Fitness

Semi-Private Small Group Sessions are motivating and fun, while reducing cost compared to 1:1 sessions. The limited group size means you will get personal attention from me and feedback on form and intensity during our workouts. I know my clients' injury histories, weekly exercise schedule, likes and dislikes, so I can make sure the program works for them!

  • full-body functional fitness workout

  • 55 minutes

  • 2-8 participants

  • $45 per session

  • +1: $30 (add a significant other to an online group session)

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AGILE BEAST: Finesse Your Beast Mode

An online workshop series, featuring biomechanics instruction and a unique, full-body workout. Ideal for professional and aspiring dancers, coaches, trainers and athletes.

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Corporate Fitness and Wellness

Boot Camps, Running Groups, Stretch & Release, Nutrition & Wellness

  • $225 Single Session, 1 hour (in San Francisco, up to 20 participants)


I meet with clients 6 days a week in San Francisco and online. Below you'll find my schedule of Semi-Private Small Group Sessions. These are functional fitness workouts that blend strength, agility, flexiblity and dynamic cardio. Every day is a unique, full-body workout, and includes both a warm-up and cool-down.

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ONLINE via zoom

**all sessions are no-equipment-required, except Monday 7am

MONDAY, 7am (Equipment: resistance tubing or dumbbells)

TUESDAY, 8:15am

THURSDAY, 8:15am

SATURDAY, 9:30am


**all sessions require an exercise mat; masks NOT required (updated June 15, 2021)

TUESDAY, 7am (@ Rayburn / Liberty St.)

WEDNESDAY, 7am (@ Rayburn / Liberty St.)

THURSDAY, 7am (@ Rayburn / Liberty St.)

FRIDAY, 7am (@ Rayburn / Liberty St.)

SATURDAY, 8:15am (@ Dolores Park, lower field)

Please note: all cancelations within 24 hours of the session start time will be charged at 100% of the normal rate.