Google and it's "Breadcrumbs" for the Future

Google has come up with some new cutting edge ideas and staying way ahead of the game. One major story is that Google has recently made some changes that will improve the usability for not only desk top and laptops computers but also greatly enhance the user's experience on mobile devices.

The mobile device was Google’s primary focus when adding something new to their repertoire. “Breadcrumbs”. These breadcrumbs have been added to the search results page near the top. They appear as the user begins a search. Along with the information displayed a picture is also displayed to help enhance the user’s experience. This also helps the user identify what it is they are looking for quickly. This new enhancement is easy to read, easy to use, and pops up automatically with information about the search topic including pictures. This update is a big change from how Google has displayed search results in the past.

Google has decided to change and adapt services primarily to the mobile platform. Meaning that Google will favor sites that are more mobile friendly. What Google means are websites whose search results are more in line with what the user is looking for and displayed in an easy to read format on mobile devices. Sites that meet this criteria will be favored over sites that do not perform as well. For example, Google is using features that are already a part of the mobile users every day life such as swiping images. On Googles new enhancement you can swipe the pictures left to right to see what other images have been displayed. If you click on an image it will take you to another google search results pages that has additional information about the search topic. By clicking the back button you are taken back to the original page and you are free to continue swiping until you find what you are looking for. Click on the image again and you will be brought to a whole new information page.

Google is also increasing the number of images displayed when a search is initiated. Google is making sure that when a search is initiated the appropriate information is loaded quickly and accurately. Google's new platform enhances this experience and offers more, easy to read information making it easier to find.

Google's new way of displaying information will be studied to see if information and images are appropriate to the search query.

Although there have been no official announcements of Google launching this new enhancement it is available and working now on both the desk top computers and mobile devices.

After much discussion and testing of this new enhancement there are three key points that need to be considered.

  1. The “breadcrumbs” do not appear to be causing any interference with search results that show advertisements. This means Google can continue to function as it has been while adding then new update.
  2. The search results have not been shown to help or hurt sales or cultivate new customers. this in part is due to the amount of time that this new enhancement has been available to the customers.
  3. This enhancement seems to indicate that Google is moving rapidly to a “Mobile First” platform that caters to mobile users and their devices.