Future Directions for Seafloor Geodesy


This site is deprecated. New content will be available at the new site www.seafloorgeodesy.org.


This website serves as the resource for information about upcoming and past events related to seafloor geodesy, primarily for the US scientific community. The goal of these activities are to inform and build an engaged and equitable seafloor geodesy community, including scientists from academic institutions, government agencies, and international partners.

Webinars and short courses:

Information on upcoming and past engagements (with links to available presentation) are here.

Instrument Pool:

More information about a nascent US seafloor instrument pool can be found here.

White Papers:

White paper submissions are officially closed (as of Sept 25th, 2020), and presently submitted contributions are available here.

Seafloor Geodesy listserv:

To keep informed about activities related to the instrument pool, workshop, webinars, and related activities, send your request to the Seafloor Geodesy listserv.

Acronyms and Special Terms:

Frequently acronyms, abbreviations, and special terms within geodesy and sea-going geophysical research communities


Support for efforts described within come from NSF, NASA, and USGS.