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  • Mind the gap - is fintech closing the gender gap in access to financial services? (2021), with S. Chen, J. Forst, L. Gambacorta and H.S. Shin, World Bank Blog All About Finance

  • Digging for gold: how regulatory sandboxes help fintechs raise funding (2021), with G. Cornelli, L. Gambacorta and O. Merrouche, VoxEU.org

  • How international trade disciplines the internal capital market and reduces the conglomerate discount (2020), with D. Marin, D. Suverato and T. Verdier, VoxEU.org

  • How failing banks paved Hitler's path to power: Financial crisis and right-wing extremism in Germany, 1931-33 (2019), with J.-L. Peydro and H.-J. Voth, VoxEU.org

  • Die deutsche Bankenkrise und Hitlers Weg an die Macht: Lehren aus der Geschichte (2019), with J.-L. Peydro and H.-J. Voth, Ökonomenstimme.org

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