Professional development funding


Professional Development (PD) funding is available to all Faculty and Classified Professionals to allow for equitable campus activities which contribute to our professional learning and growth, while improving the student experience at City College. The funds are primarily allocated from the Student Equity and Achievement fund and may vary in amount each academic year.

PLEASE NOTE: As of 5/22/19, all professional development funds have been allocated. We will announce the availability of new funds as they are provided.


Applications for PD funds are due the week prior to regularly scheduled Professional Development Advisory Committee (PDAC) meetings, see calendar for dates. The Committee will review applications prior to our meetings.

Applications should be submitted the semester prior to the planned activity or event attendance. We may consider requests for funding needed in the current semester if submitted at the beginning of the same semester. For example:

  • If funding is needed for an event or travel in Spring, submit the request sometime in the preceding Fall semester.
  • If funding is needed in late Fall, submit the request before the first PDAC meeting of the semester, or anytime in the previous semester.


The purpose of this fund is to promote professional development activities which meet the goals of City College's Student Equity and Achievement goals. Highest priority is given to activities making a substantial difference in the student outcomes targeted by these goals.

  1. Increase outreach efforts and support enrollment by providing an inclusive and engaging environment through accessible instruction and exemplary support services.
  2. Increase student persistence and retention from basic skills through transfer-level courses through an integrated instruction and student services approach.
  3. Improve successful course completion rate for first-year students in order to support attainment of at least 30 college level units.
  4. Improve college-wide degree, certificate, and transfer completion rates.
  5. Reduce the gap in degree, certificate, and transfer completion rates for disproportionately impacted groups.


  1. Please follow the CCC Expenditure Guidelines.
  2. Requests may be submitted for up to $2,500. If requesting more than $2,500, you may be asked to attend a PDAC meeting to answer questions from the committee.
  3. Funding recipients must submit a report after their conference or other PD activity to show how they have or will incorporate what they have learned into their job and/or teaching practice, and how it will benefit the campus.
  4. All regular Business Services deadlines and procedures are applicable to Professional Development Funding Requests. Applicants are responsible for knowing and observing Business Services deadlines and procedures.
  5. All costs should be verified and all sources of other available funds need to be documented. If funds awarded from this pool are not used for the purpose for which they were requested, funds must be returned to the pool.
  6. If the applicant is awarded funds and wishes to use them for an activity other than that for which they were awarded, the funds must be returned to the pool and a new application made for the new activity or purpose.

If you have questions or need assistance filling out this form, please contact the Professional Development office (


  1. Applicants applying for travel should exhaust all other funding (AB1725 for Faculty, and AFT Travel and Conference funding for Classified Professionals -- see "Other Funding Sources" below) prior to applying for PD funds.
  2. Fill out and submit funding request form (see "Application" below).
    • If requesting more than $2,500, please be prepared to attend a PDAC meeting to answer questions from the committee.
  3. The Professional Development Advisory Committee will review your application during subsequent meetings and put forth recommendations to approve or deny your application.
  4. The Professional Development Coordinator will contact you with results and next steps.
  5. Applicants must submit evaluation materials (see "Evaluation" below) to the Professional Development Coordinator no later than two weeks after the date of the conference/activity. See evaluation form below.