Teacher Induction

Participate in Job-Embedded Teacher Induction ~

Clear Your Preliminary Credential

District/Diocesan Leads: Dr. Julie Cantillon - jcantillon@sdcatholic.org & Mrs. Jennifer Miller - sdcatholicteacherinduction@gmail.com

SDCOE Lead Coordinator: Mr. Chad Lanting - chad.lanting@sdcoe.net

Program Opportunities

  • Two years of ongoing support by an experienced, trained Catholic school teacher who completes the support provider program alongside the participating teachers

  • Access to a menu of high quality, relevant professional development

  • Job-embedded professional development and support

  • Option to earn up to 12 units to apply toward a Master’s degree

  • A California Clear Credential

Program Requirements

  • Be a Catholic School Teacher working with a core group of students throughout the school year

  • Possess a Level 1 or Preliminary Credential

2017 Teacher Induction Program - Participating Teacher

2020-2021 Candidate Information

Make an Impact - Support Provider

2020-2021 Mentor Information

Have you been teaching for three or more years? If you have at least three years of full-time teaching experience in a private school, you may qualify for a CA Preliminary Credential.

If you already have a CA Preliminary Credential, click here to see if you qualify for the Early Completion Option (ECO), a one-year program to earn a Clear CA Credential.

2019-2020 Induction Important Dates

If you need to earn your CA Preliminary Credential, refer to agreements (below) the Office for Schools has with local and online universities:

University Credential Programs