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💁 Levy Facts

Levy Specifics

    • Streetsboro City Schools will have a 9 mill Operating Levy on the ballot in May 2019
    • 9 mills will generate approximately $4,419,998 per year and cost approximately $315 a year per $100,000 of assessed home value. (This is approximately $26.25 per month)
      • For comparison, the 7.5 mill levy would have generated approximately $3.4 million a year at a cost of just under $22 a month.
      • The 9 mill will generate approximately $1 million more in revenue at just around $4.26 per month more in cost.
    • Operating expenses include salaries and benefits for faculty and staff (roughly 80% of the District's operating costs), utilities, fuel and any other general operating expenses
    • The Operating Levy will NOT fund any permanent improvement projects, such as the purchase of buses, HVAC systems, and any building maintenance or remodeling, etc. These expenses are paid with PI dollars only. (Permanent Improvements are considered items that have a 5-year lifespan or greater)
    • If the 9 mill levy passes in May, the District will still have to cut approximately $600,000 a year from the operating budget in order to keep a positive balance, as required by state law (please see below section on immediate and potential cuts)
    • First ask for additional Operating Funds since 2010
    • There will be two renewal levies in November 2019 - these are not new taxes

Why do we need a Levy?

      • To reiterate - this is the first new ask for Operating Funds since 2010
      • Health care costs have increased
      • The District has lost over $10 million with the phase out of the Tangible Personal Property Tax since 2010 and will lose about $2 million more in the next two years
      • Biennium budget is unpredictable with continual decreases in state funding for public schools
      • District has grown by more than 200 students and has had to add staff to accommodate the growth
      • New programs to enhance the student experience, including
        • Middle School STEM Program
        • High School STEM 4-year Engineering Program
        • Additional Advanced Placement classes, and Electives such as Drama and Songwriting classes
      • High School credit-courses being offered at the Middle School
      • Additional Athletic Teams
      • Increase in Extra-curricular/Clubs
      • These funds will help the schools maintain these wonderful programs
      • SCS have recently added 2 Elementary Guidance Counselors and a District Social Worker

If you have other questions or want additional information about District Finances, please click on the attached link:

Great schools bring in great families, and new homes reduce the per household cost!

💁 Immediate and Potential Cuts

Immediate Cuts

These cuts are being instituted immediately to help reduce deficits in current operating expenses

1. Eliminate all field trips and extra-curricular trips

a. Trips include all scheduled field trips, class trips and extra-curricular trips

b. Savings will include driver wages, wear-and-tear on buses and fuel consumption

c. Estimated Savings: $9,000

2. Vacated Positions - not to be filled if possible

a. Transportation Supervisor (Interim $15,000) - Salary and benefits

b. Mechanic - Salary and benefits

c. HS Tutor (Saucier) - Salary

d. Estimated Savings: $108,000

3. Eliminate all scheduled Professional Development subs during the school day

a. Only subs will be used are for staff absences and PD paid for by grants

b. Estimated Savings: Certified - $53,610.56; Classified - $2,235.90

4. Establish copy limits for all staff

a. Monthly copy quota for all staff based on position/subject

i. Semester quota of 500k copies from non-print center sources

ii. Projected savings of 800k copies annually

iii. Potential overtime savings on copy center employee by limiting copies as well

b. Current annual spend on paper and copy costs - $200,000 year

i. Of this, paper is $25,000

c. Estimated Savings: $20,000

Total Estimated Savings: $192,846.46

Menu of Possible Cuts

Based on the 9 mill levy that was approved by the Board of Education on 10-January-2019, and whether that levy passes or fails, Mr. Daulbaugh and Mr. Scarcipino developed a menu of possible cuts totaling more and $3 million from which the Board of Education may choose to make up for the revenue deficit.

This menu list includes all areas of the schools' operating budget, including but not limited to:

  • Administration
  • Certified and Classified Staff
  • Busing down to State Minimum
  • Athletics
  • Extra-curricular activities/Clubs
  • Electives at the High School (there will be maintained minimum offererings to meet credit guidelines for graduation)
  • Related Arts
  • Gifted
  • Utilities (reducing heat/cooling expenses)
  • Closing facilities to outside users

Please go to the attached link to see a more comprehensive list of possible cuts from the district website:

💁 Levy Committee Scheduled Meetings 2019

The following are the scheduled meetings for the Streetsboro Levy Committee. The Levy Committee welcomes any volunteers and suggestions that will help get the facts out to the community and get the levy passed in order to maintain a positive and enjoyable educational experience for our children.

Location: 9307 Ste. Rte. 43 (McMichael Building) - Parks and Recreation Kitchenette

Time: 6 p.m.


  • Monday, Jan 14
  • Thursday, Jan 24
  • Monday, Feb 4
  • Thursday, Feb 21
  • Monday, March 4
  • Thursday, March 21
  • Monday, April 1
  • Thursday, April 18

More events and meetings will be scheduled in the upcoming months, please check back for updates. Thank you for your support!

Informational Q&A Videos with Michael Daulbaugh

Informational video 1.mp4
Facts 1.mp4

Introduction to the video series...

Financial Facts Video # 1

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Fact Video 3.mp4

Financial Facts Video # 2

Financial Facts Video # 3

Fact Video 4.mp4

Financial Facts Video # 4

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💰 Streetsboro Taxes vs. Surrounding Areas

(Cost reflected per $100,000 in home value and PRIOR to the proposed new appraisal rates announced in September) **Pending update**

  • Woodridge = $2362 with 8.19 mill levy
  • Kent = $2343
  • Hudson = $2131
  • Aurora = $2079
  • Tallmadge = $1980 with 7.4 mill levy
  • Twinsburg = $1917
  • Norton = $1869 with .5% income tax levy
  • Ravenna = $1857
  • Brimfield = $1852 with a 9.85 mill levy
  • Nordonia = $1810 with 6.98 mill levy
  • Streetsboro = $1736 with 7.5 mill levy
  • Mantua = $1722


Portage County Board of Elections, Summit County Board of Elections

☕ Coffee Talks with Superintendent Michael Daulbaugh

Please check back as we will post the places, dates, times and subjects of upcoming Coffee Talks with Mr. Daulbaugh and other staff and administrators.

Thank you!

🚀 Show Your Rocket Pride!

The Streetsboro Levy Committee is offering to help you show your Rocket Pride by spray painting our Streetsboro Rockets logo onto your driveway. Cost is $20 per image. The image will be blue and gold and approximately 22” x 22”.

Order your logo by filling in the form below, and a volunteer will contact you to make it happen!

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