Loglines of Screenplays

Unstable (Psychological Thriller) - 94 pages

Unstable is a limited location thriller that has the feel of Disturbia and The Strangers. In Unstable, a teen with psychological issues returns to her home from a psych ward, only to be plagued by images of menacing people out to terrorize her. Are they just visions, or is there more at play?

The Bystander Effect (Supernatural Thriller) - 110 pages

Have you ever been a witness to something where you took no action, but could have? When a reporter investigates a series of deaths that are interconnected, she becomes part of a supernatural force that threatens her life and those around her.

Soulless (Crime Thriller) - 91 pages

When a hired killer is ready to call it quits after one last assignment, she must contend with being killed by those trying to replace her, along with what waits for her after this life is over.

Indie Romance (Romantic Comedy) - 95 pages

Indie Romance is a unique mumblecore story about a couple’s obsession with independent films and the small cinema that bonds them. Combining quiet humor and parody, this romantic comedy follows Ed and Rachel in their discovery of each other, along with the ups and downs of independent moviemaking.

The Mysterious Mystery of Alice Crumbcake (Family Comedy/Fantasy) - 91 pages

This quirky little family comedy is about Alice Crumbcake, a 14 year old who just wants to try out for the school play. However, due to mysterious occurrences, Alice finds herself caught up in a multi-dimensional web of intrigue which she must solve in order to complete her day.

Festival Semi-Finalist: Toronto Female Eye Film Festival

The 3-D Triangle (Comedy) - 99 pages

These are the exploits of two cousins living in poverty in the edge of urban blight. They don’t have much, but they do have a doomsday device!

Based upon the award-winning stageplay.

Quarter Moon in a Ten-Cent Town (Dramedy) - 108 pages

A dramedy with quirks, both funny and tragic, this story is about Darva Sue Grubb, an unassuming teacher’s aide who experiences an unexpected fling with a quack doctor which sets in motion a chain of events that disrupts the ultra-conservative small town of Woodbine and changes her life forever.

Festival Selection: 2017 Toronto Female Eye Film Festival

Trans-Fusion (Psychological Thriller) - 92 pages

Trans-Fusion is a psychological thriller about a teenager who believes she is being infused with a new type of technology, becoming digitized for a greater purpose.

Villain (Thriller) - 94 pages

When strange murders start occurring in Hollywood, which are eerily similar to a B list movie series began in the 80’s, the out of work actor who portrays the lead villain for those films becomes the primary suspect.

Breaking News (Science-Fiction Horror) - 92 pages

Haunted by visions that he cannot explain, video and internet journalist Lance Hoskins discovers that the most important story of his career is his own.

Shui Gui (Supernatural Thriller) - 100 pages

When a teenager and her mother move to a new lakeside community, she discovers that the neighbors seem to become different people after going near the lake’s dark waters.

Shui Gui is an homage to Chinese folklore, while also infusing universal suspense with modern storytelling that will translate to multiple audiences.

The Cram (Youth Comedy) - 91 pages

Four students are forced to cram for one exam in order to graduate. Can they help each other, or will they doom themselves to summer school in order to get their diploma?