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Microbes don't cause disease - a diseased body creates microbes.

The idea that viruses are invading agents that cause disease was created by Luis Pasteur in the 1800's. His theory known as the germ theory of disease is the catalyst for all theories that exist in the medical profession. Germ theory is responsible for the use of pasteurization, vaccines and medical treatments.

At the same time Luis Pasteur was developing his germ theory there was another fritz scientist by the name of Antoine Bechamp. Bechamp came up with his own theory of disease and documented and proved it in his book the Third Element of Blood. His theory was radically different. It was called the Terrain Theory.

The Terrain Theory proposes that all living microorganisms and viruses originate within the body not from without. He discovered the processes of fermentation and he observed that bacteria and viruses are pliomorphic mutating based upon the terrain which they reside.

This is the exact opposite of what Luis Pasteur proposed which states that viruses occur in nature by themselves and create disease. This is as I will explain is impossible. Viruses originate only in the presence of a living cell however science also says viruses can occur in nature.

So which is it? Viruses must have a cell in order to replicate - science has admitted this however they are manipulating the people into believing only partial truths. The truth is that viruses are created in their whole form within the cell. They do not come from outside the body, they come from within the body. Viruses occur within the body as a result of systemic toxicity - not because the body has been invaded by an external threat.

This is the big lie the medical profession relies upon to justify the use of vaccines and dangerous medications. Without the false germ theory to rely upon and the contagious myth that is so brainwashed into people - the medical profession would have nothing to stand on and would topple like a house of cards.

So what are viruses and what are their main purpose in the human body and in the body of animals? Viruses dissolve toxic matter when tissue is too toxic for living microbes to feed upon without being poisoned to death. Without viruses the human body would not be able to sustain itself in the face of systemic toxicity since viruses are not alive they do not know how to infect a cell on their own.

They do not have a nucleus, they do not have respiration or a digestive tract, they are not alive. Therefore viruses must have an assisting and guiding agent to accommodate their behavior. These are called antibodies - importantly it must be understood that viruses do not infect cells to invade the cell and replicate.

Science would have you believe that viruses replicated in nature by themselves but we know that viruses cannot replicate unless in the presence of a living cell. Therefore how can a virus replicate itself when a virus is not alive and does not procreate?

Science has claimed that a virus has discriminatory actions - this means the virus is suppose to be invading all cells in the body equally, but this is not the behavior that we observe. The reality is viruses are very specific and the specifically dissolve specific tissues in the body.

They do this with the assistance and guidance of antibodies. The virus contains the RNA and DNA necessary to dissolve specific tissues and it acquires this from the energy of the cell. The cell has DNA. DNA is an energy form. Our bodies are not computers. We do not code.

That is another mischaracterization of the human body. Energy exists in all cells and agents in the body. Cells will create the virus, therefore the cell will impart its own energy to the virus which allows the virus, with the help of antibodies, to specifically dissolve tissue, waste and debris.

Viruses float in free suspension after they have left the cell. This is the nature of zeta potential. This is the law of the Universe - it keeps objects in free suspension, repelling or attracting themselves away from each other. This is an electrical energy charge known as static electricity.

If viruses were not discriminatory and specific agents created by cells we would observe everyone who gets infected with viruses all have the same level of sicknesses but this is not what happens. This is a direct contradiction of virology itself because if viruses are contagious agents that come from outside the body the virus would not care what level of health the immune system of the body that person had.

Now science would have you believe that viruses contain all the necessary tools to infect each region, tissue and organ in the body. In the human body we have many viruses. If I drink alcohol to excess for long periods of time I may develop hepatitis. According to science I would have had to of caught hepatitis if we are to go by the logic of virology.

Why would the body create hepatitis virus in the liver? Because the cells and the liver are attempting to cleanse the liver and themselves of toxicity, to restore and reverse a toxic liver condition. Now it has been shown that there are over 320,000 virus variants inherent to earth and nature - thousands of those exist within the human body and they exist in the form of a blueprint.

The blueprint exist in gnome. Now the gnome will direct the cells of the body what type of protein to manufacture. For example - if you have a damaged liver its going to call upon the hepatitis blueprint and there are three types of hepatitis virus. The cells in the liver will therefore manufacture what they deem necessary.

Depending upon the liver toxicity you may need hepatitis A, you may need hepatitis B or C. It depends upon the level of toxicity. Each virus is more or less the same in this regard - they all cleanse the liver and dissolve degenerated tissue.

The level of symptoms that you will experience depends upon the level of toxicity. When you have a high amount of toxicity it will require you to have more virile activity thus the breakdown of viruses means you are going to experience a higher level of symptoms, you're going to feel more sick.

Now the reason that people experience symptoms with viruses and bacteria is that when these break down the degenerated tissue and waste - the body must eliminate what they break down. So how does the body do that? The body will eliminate 90% of toxins through the skin and the rest through the bowels, the mouth and the mucous membranes.

This means coughing, sneezing, the skin, we have all manner skin rashes and eruptions. White blood cells assist this behavior. Lets look at acne for an example. You have a pimple - it is white or black depending upon the toxin involved.

If it is white it uses white blood cells, if it is black it using red blood cells which usually is an indication of too much iron - and it is a specific type of iron - the type from supplements which the body cannot utilize.

White blood cells assist the action of expelling toxins which are crystalline in nature like a shard of glass that ruptures out through the skin. Now the white blood cell helps neutralize this behavior - it tries to help push it out of the body.This is the behavior of all infection. It is always the body trying to expel toxins or foreign debris from inside the body.

Viral infection is necessary in order so that the body may reverse its toxic condition but in people that have a suppressed immune system their body cannot deal rationally with large amounts of virus breaking down toxic waste products and therefore they may become sick and die but this is rare.

More likely 99 percent of the people who have viral activity will overcome it. That is the function of the body. The body knows very well what to do, its smart and has innate abilities. We should nurture and learn to love the body.

When someone dies due to virile or bacteria infection it is almost always because of medical treatment. The medical industry seeks an enemy so it can justify the use of dangerous medical procedures and treatments.

Erecting a wall between you and your body will result in the fear of your body and those around you - that is the primary purpose of the contagious myth. Brainwashing people into believing that they may catch a disease from someone around them allows the medical profession to keep people in fear.

When people are in fear they are easily controlled and manipulated. The people ask for a solution and they provide it to them not knowing that they have now enslaved themselves to their very own mind and body. When the mind becomes internally focused on its own problems the focus is no longer on the surroundings of that person but is focused internally on his own problems.

When the body is unhealthy this focus will magnify greatly. When a population is too concerned with their own ailments they will have no concern for the exterior problems. Those in power take the opportunity to exploit this nature if man, slowly taking the rights away from the individual.

They know how the human mind works and they exploit it to their favor. Viruses and bacteria are cyclical to the body. The body is on a cycle. Viruses are on a cycle. Just like the weather is on a cycle so too is the body. When toxic accumulations reach its highest point in the body the bursting tide can no longer be held back.

This may occur due to seasonal changes, climate changes and temperature changes, stresses, strains and worries. The changes in the seasons signal the body to dump large amounts of toxin accumulations into the blood.

When toxins enter the blood system bacteria must proliferate in order to break down and eliminate the toxicity now in the blood, however if the microbes become poisoned to death due to the toxic nature of what is in the blood and what has accumulated in the body, the cells will create and manufacture viruses which are non-living protein solvents.

They are protein structures. Viruses come in and break down the matter. They eliminate it so the body can restore homeostasis. Without viruses the body would have no recourse to cleanse itself and would die of toxicity. The nature of viruses must be understood.

Viruses are not alive. Viruses are not contagious and I will explain why. Viruses cannot be transmitted between people. Viruses originating outside the host cell cannot infect another host. The virus will not have the necessary RNA or DNA to infect other cells.

Cells will not be infected by foreign debris and that is exactly how a foreign virus is treated by the body because the body cannot recognize the virus since it does not have the key or time to its activity as a result the virus is treated as foreign debris. When you inject animal body tissue the body does not recognize it because it did not originate from the cells of your own body likewise if a virus is transmitted through the air somehow the virus will not be recognized in this way either.

We also have the function of the mucous membrane. When mucous is observed under a microscope it exhibits a weave pattern. This weave pattern helps filter out foreign debris. If I was somehow able to manufacture viruses in a lab, in the trillions, enough to be able to spray it on a large population this would still not spark the virus which I intended to create in the victim.

However if you are breathing this mist in it is a foreign contamination which the body must break down. In those cases if it is toxic enough the body will manufacture a respiratory virus. This is in order to break down the toxicity and eliminate it.

If we look to China as an example we can see that the air pollution there is so toxic that people have to wear masks in order to protect themselves. You can imagine after breathing this in for an extended period of time you are going to develop a respiratory illness. It just so happens that coronavirus is a respiratory virus.

Coronaviruses have been around forever. If you have ever had a cold its likely that you have had a coronavirus at one point or another in your life. Coronaviruses are not new however the media has hyped it up and tried to convince the sheeple that it is new and dangerous.

If we look to Italy as an example we can see that Italy has one of the highest pollution rates in all of Europe therefore you have a population there that is going to detoxify their bodies and they're going to do this all at the same times. As I explained viruses are cyclical because the body is cyclical.

Toxic accumulations take time to build up and they build up in the majority of the population at the same time therefore the majority of the population will release their toxic accumulations around the same times as well. This behavior is what I call the illusion of viral activity.

This can be exploited by those in power because the person observing this believes incorrectly and out of ignorance that it is contagious but this is simply not the case. The study of viruses is flawed by nature. In order for them to be observed in laboratories, viruses must be catheterized and taken and dried.

This is called irradiation. This also takes the moisture content out of the virus. This is an attenuation process that kills the virus however, as stated, a virus is not alive. Usually it is animal viral protein that are used to conduct these observations.

Viruses are observed in petri dish environments that are sterilized. Toxic serums are used to keep the cellular activity alive but not healthy. Cells in such an environment due not have at their disposal the full range of microbial cleansing agents as it would appear in the human body therefore scientist will always observe the prominence of viral activity because cells must use viruses to cleanse themselves in such a toxic environment.

They do not have bacteria or parasites which they can call upon to consume and eliminate this toxicity. Therefore scientist observe that viruses dissolve their own cellular activity but this is an illusion. In order to observe viruses, viruses must be stained which causes inaccurate observations of the virus since the virus is not acting in a natural way as it would in the human body.

Science knows this but continues the fraud and deception anyway. Viruses are so small that they are the size of 0.1 microns. This requires incredibly powerful microscopes to see. Optical microscopes must require the staining process of viruses in order to show up on the microscope.

So what does the virus behave like in the human body? The only way we will know that is if we view them in the living tissue and we have just that because Royal Rife invented his own microscope that could view living tissue in images up to 30,000 times their size.

He was able to view microorganisms in their living state within the tissue. Rife observed that viruses and bacteria only occur due to imbalances within the bodily system. In short he concluded that viruses and bacteria are pleomorphic thereby confirming the finding of Antoine Bechamp in the 1800's.

Rife states in his findings "in reality it is not the bacteria themselves that produce the disease, but we believe it is the chemical constituents of these microorganisms acting upon the unbalanced cell metabolism of the human body that in actuality produces the disease.

We also believe if the metabolism of the human body is perfectly balanced or poised it is susceptible to no disease". What anybody will discover when the search the record is that Royal Rife invented a microscope in the early 1930's that was called the 'universal microscope' and its unique quality was that it was able to view viruses in their living state - able to view microbes as small as viruses in their living state.

Today, and even then we had the electron microscope which can see viruses but in a snapshot approach - they're dead - they have to irradiate them with electrons which is the method of operation. It kills them and therefore you're not seeing the life process and with optical microscopes stains are used to bring out features and the stains themselves are toxic and once again you have dead samples that you're viewing.

Rife saw this limitation in microbiology and microscopy and decided to address it, so his answer was to invent a microscope which used light to stain the sample thereby not killing it and he was able to, using this method, obtain extreme magnification, extreme resolution, and he was able to view his samples in a living state so he can see viruses moving around going through their processes.

His ability to see viruses in a living state which was his key innovation. And all of his other inventions - and there were many - all related to this, sort of bounced off the principles the microscope operated on.

Viruses cannot cross species for a number of reasons.For one RNA and DNA of the animal is not compatible with human RNA or DNA. According to science, they claim that animal viruses can be transmitted to humans but the human body does not manufacture and replicate animal cells and tissue. We are humans and when we eat animal flesh it is converted in the stomach to human tissue which we use for our own needs - to build muscle for example.

The only way to get animal viral tissue into a human body is through injection. Only then can animal tissue be observed in the blood therefore the supposition that AIDS came from a monkey or that coronavirus came from a bat or that ebola was caused by a bat - this cannot occur in nature.

Now ask yourself - 'why is it that only in the past 40 years have these viruses occurred in nature?' - 'why didn't they occur a thousand years ago?' - 'why didn't they occur two hundred years ago?' These viruses would have occurred in nature long before now if whats science is saying is true.

It is impossible for animals to transmit viruses to humans and it is impossible for them to transmit between themselves. It is also impossible for humans to transmit viruses between themselves. The body does not recognize external viruses. Viruses have to be created by a cell in your own body and contain the necessary RNA or DNA given by your cell.

There is no such thing as a majority virile strain. Everybody is going to have a different strain because the body creates the strain for its own usage. Quoting from 'The Poisoned Needle' by Eleanora McBean 1956 Nutritionist and Medical Doctor "during one of our most widespread polio epidemics in 1949 contraction of polio by definite contact with other victims of the disease was not established in an elaborate study made by the New York State Health Department".

The United States Public Health Service in its studies also found the same negative answer during succeeding outbreaks of polio.

In short they learned that the disease was not contagious. Time magazine commented on this unexpected revelation of these surveys by remarking 'when and where people catch polio remains a mystery'. The supposition that viruses entered through the mouth and nose led the experimenters to make exhaustive test on both animals and human beings - mostly prisoners and orphans in institutions.

They were exposed by close association to polio patients. Their throats and nasal passages were frequently swabbed with matter from the patients that were suppose to contain viruses. No polio was produced in this way and about the only noticeable after effects was that the subjects of the experiments lost their sense of taste and smell due to the damaging effects of the poison in the serum that was used on the swabs".

Viruses only function within a human host or in petri dish environments where they can be kept in flux. Outside of the body they become dry and lose their moisture. While they exist on surfaces, like bacteria exist on surfaces, this - as stated - is not a danger. While sanitizers will "kill the virus" so too will the mechanisms in the body filter out particles from the environment.

The nose hairs, and the nose and mucous membranes, and the saliva in the mouth will neutralize viruses upon entry to the body. If they pass these mechanisms and defenses the body has white blood cells that will neutralize them upon contact. Even if a virus entered the body, and bypassed all of its defenses, the virus is still not compatible with the body it enters.

The virus must contain the specific RNA or DNA in order to be compatible with the body it enters. Also, blood to blood contact is not a vector of transmission of viruses. We bleed outwardly - we do not bleed inwardly. When we bleed, we bleed out the body. This keeps the blood pure and keeps foreign contamination from entering back up into the body.

This is one reason why aids and other viruses are not contagious. The only vector of transmission of viruses outside of vaccination is through blood transfusion of an infected patient. But it is not the virus that is causing the problem, per se, it is the combination of foreign animal tissues that have been created in a lab as is the case with aids.

Such viruses have been spliced together - this can elicit certain behaviors from the innate immune system. This is the primary reason why vaccines take so long to create. They are trying to provoke just the right amount of immune irritation without killing the injectee. They coax the results they want by splicing animal tissues together and including them with adjuvants and serums and toxic preservatives.

Coronavirus is a type of severe acute respiratory syndrome. It falls in the SARS family and has flue like symptoms. Both SARS and coronavirus is caused by man made environmental toxicity. Chemically toxic substances from the air are breathed into the lungs and respiratory system wherein they cannot be consumed and eliminated by living microbes.

Specific non-living viruses are then manufactured by cells in the lungs to disassemble and break down these substances. Mild flue-like symptoms usually result. The symptoms associated with their removal are what occurs during SARS. Such air borne toxic substances are caused by burning plastics, formaldehyde and factory tainted air which encompasses a wide array of of very toxic by-products.

Older individuals with already weakened immune systems are prone to more advanced respiratory virus detoxification and account for most deaths. This illness may crop up in millions due to dense populations like in China who are breathing in such air on a daily basis. This does not mean it is contagious.

It is not. More than 99 percent of Italy's coronavirus fatalities were people who suffered from previous medical conditions according to a study by the country's National Health Authority. More than 75 percent had high blood pressure, 35 percent had diabetes, one-third suffered from heart disease.

Symptoms may be higher in one individual because they require more viral activity to occur to cleanse toxicity. The body has the make-up and manufacturing blueprints already in the gnome and inside the cell to produce 320,000 different viral variants. The gnome directs each cell what type of protein to manufacture.

This includes viral protein structures known as viruses - therefore even small amounts of viral proteins can be found in times of non-cleansing if tissue is magnified like the PCR test does. Viral proteins must be converted by cells into whole viral structures and then encoded to specifically dissolve specific tissues in and around cells.

This is why we do not observe viruses attacking all cells in the body. They are very specific solvents that are discriminatory not non-discriminatory as science has stated. Coronaviruses are in-fact real viruses. It is merely a type of cold virus. Not only can they mask the cases by claiming it is COVID-19 - it could be any COVID strain and be able to be claimed as COVID-19 because there is literally no difference between COVID-19 and other COVID strains.

And naturally the test will not see the difference because there is not a big enough difference to note. Furthermore the PCR test is observing genetic material left over from the virus. This means if you have ever had a cold in your life and you have happened to have a coronavirus - it is very likely you will be labeled as a positive case even though you are not experiencing any symptoms.

There is always some level of viral activity in small amounts working in the body. It is only when large amounts of viral activity are called upon and working that you experience symptoms, When viruses break down large amounts of toxic matter - that matter must be expelled by the body somehow. It must come out of the body.

It uses mucus, coughing, sweating, skin excretions and bowels to remove them from the body. If it is a respiratory virus there will be respiratory symptoms to expel toxins from the lungs. Viruses are created in the following way: When toxicity has reached a point wherein it can no longer be held back by the body, mass amounts of toxins will be dumped into the blood system.

In order for the body to get rid of these toxic accumulations, now in the blood, bacteria come in to feed upon this matter as the first primary method of removal. The processes of phagocytosis play a role as well. Parasites and fungus are also involved in small amounts depending upon the toxic nature of the substances however if the tissues are so toxic and the substance is so toxic in the body living microbes will be poisoned to death when they attempt to consume this matter.

Therefore the body must utilize another cleansing method to get rid of this toxicity. The body has viruses to accommodate this situation. In such circumstances cells come together as a whole unit conspiring to cleanse themselves and their surroundings of toxicity to restore cellular tissues and fluids. This allows new cellular activity to thrive.

In order for a cell to manufacture a virus it does so in the following ways: FIRST the cell will call upon the viral protein already existing in the cell - the gnome plays a part and the cell will call upon the blueprint of whatever virus is needed and determined by the cell to cleanse itself and its surroundings.

The viral protein is called into the nucleus wherein the virus is structured into its whole form. Before all that existed was viral protein in particles now the whole structured of the virus has been manufactured and the assembled in the nucleus. It leaves the nucleus where it is housed within the cell.

The virus will obtain its RNA or DNA by the cell. Since the cell contains DNA that means the virus, being manufactured by the cell, will also impart its DNA to the virus. This process allows the virus, with the help of antibodies which are a type of white blood cell, to dissolve specific tissues. Replication continues in this way until the cell can no longer hold the viruses in itself.

At this point the virus [sic] wall will rupture on one side allowing the viruses to escape and enter the rest of the body. The cell, while ruptured, is not destroyed in the process. The cell can easily heal this small rupture. This set of viruses will continue for seventy-two hours. After seventy-two hours the cell will manufacture a new set of viruses with different cleansing mechanisms after the first set has been exhausted by the body.

The second set will be a little bit different from the first set but both sets are the same type of strain. The second set will cleanse what the first set did not.

ADDED NOTES FROM: The Viral Misconception part4 21min mp3 by Alana Fournet and Jeff_G

The body is a miraculous work of art and it can heal itself without the need for medical intervention but we have been taught all of our lives that our body is incapable of healing itself on its own and so we go to the medical profession for treatment.

Virus occurs on its whole form within the cell. It has one purpose - to dissolve and it's guided and directed by antibodies which brings debris and the waste to the virus. Antibodies partner with a virus with the sole purpose of dissolving specific toxicity needing to be eliminated from the body.

Instead of using antibody testing to indicate the presence a virus that needs to be destroyed we would understand that antibodies are indicators the body has a specific toxicity that needs to be addressed.

Instead of focusing on killing a virus we'd be focusing on how we can support the body to better eliminate toxicity. The first thing anyone should do if they are trying to become healthy or reverse bad health is to start questioning the medical profession, vaccines, (and) medical treatments that are dangerous and toxic.

It's (a virus is) a protein solvent created by the cells when specific detoxification is needed to cleanse our terrain. A virus isn't actually transmitted from one being to another because it's created within the cell and so everyone has their own virus created by their own DNA and RNA.

ADDED NOTES FROM: Interview with Jeff Mp3 by Alana Fournet (text)

Test cannot determine the amount of viral replication occurring in the body. The PCR test is a good example. Tests may observe the person has viral genetic material, but this does not mean there is an active virus making the person sick with symptoms.

Not only can they mask the cases by claiming it is COVID-19—it could be ANY coronavirus strain and be able to be claimed as COVID-19 because there is literally NO difference between COVID-19 and other corona strains, and naturally the test will not see the difference because there is not a big enough difference to note.

There is always some level of viral and bacterial activity in small amounts working in the body. It is only when large amounts of viral and bacterial activity are called upon does the body experience symptoms. All bacteria and viruses are good if they are occurring in the body naturally.

Both are used by the body to restore itself. The body cannot rationally deal with large amounts of toxins in the blood and viruses breaking down those substances. If the body does not have the right amounts of fats and alkalizing minerals such as calcium to bind with toxins, or if the liver is compromised, etc.

All of these can lead to death because the immune system cannot deal with the overload. A virus is not alive. It has no respiration, no nucleus, and no digestion. It cannot replicate on its own because it's not alive to do so. That's like saying a rock can replicate itself into two rocks, etc.

Therefore, viruses can never occur in nature magically by themselves. They must have a living cell to replicate. Viruses come from cells. This one point alone invalidates the entire idea behind viruses being contagious. If viruses must have a host cell to replicate, they cannot do so outside the body on their own.

Therefore, for them to originally appear in nature, they would have had to have come from a cell. If they come from a cell, it invalidates the theory that they infect. The medical industry treats symptoms—they do not know how to prevent or cure disease. They merely treat the underlying condition.

That condition will almost always result in the re-emergence of the disease in the same area or in an adjacent area in close proximity. It is possible to maintain health and great cell metabolism in our current world, but it must be done properly and with raw health-giving foods. But, in order to have perfect metabolism, we must live for 40 years on a raw diet outside the 'civilized' world that is full of air and environmental pollution.

Why 40 years? Because it takes 40 years for our bodies to replace every cell and tissue within the body. We completely regenerate our bodies every 40 years. The reason that bacteria proliferate in the winter is because bacteria flourish in cold environments in the body. This is why fever (heat) is necessary to cease all bacterial proliferation in the healing phase after they have finished discarding waste matter.

Flues occur seasonally due, in part, to seasonal changes that bring about temperature changes and humidity changes. This affects the body on a cellular level, signaling the dumping of mass stored toxins into the blood for removal. Allergy season also plays a role, as antigens, such as pollen that many bodies have trouble dealing with, is also occurring at the same time. Small colds develop to assist this as well.

Example: You go outside in the rain and get cold. You come into the house and let a fan blow on your cold body. Soon after, you develop a sneeze and/or cough. Did you catch this newly developed cold from someone? Absolutely not. Your body dropped in temperature which allowed bacteria to proliferate and eat degenerated tissue, cellular waste, and toxins. This rarely happens in a healthy individual.

Vitamin D can only be obtained from foods—the best sources are raw milk, and from sun exposure. The Sun does not cause skin cancer. The Sun contains all necessary rays to balance out harmful rays. When we observe African tribes and other such tribes, we see that they do not have skin cancer. This, again, is another medical lie to sell you a product and make money.

Skin cancer is a result of not having enough of a high-quality fat layer in the skin. Vitamin D levels must be kept relatively high, but Vitamin D is easy to keep high when we consume raw foods. All forms of supplemental Vitamin D are detrimental to health. Vitamin D must be bound with other minerals to work effectively.

Calcium and magnesium are two of these. The only proper source is through raw foods, such as raw milk. Fat is necessary to absorb and house toxins so that it does not damage our bodily organs and glands. Sources for proper fats are animal fat, raw milk, and butter. Viruses contain moisture content. Viruses can ‘exist’ on surfaces but it is not a danger. The moisture content of a virus means it will 'exist' on surfaces before it withers away.

The cells will manufacture viruses for that area of the body. If it is hepatitis virus, it is in the liver. If it is a respiratory virus, it is in the lungs. If it is polio, it is in the spine. A virus originating outside the body does not contain the necessary RNA or DNA to be compatible with your own RNA and DNA. Each cell in the body contains minute differences in DNA.

In order for a virus to work in your body, it must be created and encoded by your own cell to work. Viruses cannot 'hijack' your cell because viruses, contrary to science, do not contain RNA and DNA on their own. That is given by the cell in your own body when the virus is manufactured by the cell, thus the virus will then contain DNA.

A virus may be manufactured to remove foreign debris, such as foreign viral particles from vaccination. Viruses may be manufactured if debris gets into the blood, but it will depend upon the toxic nature of the tissue and if it is natural or man-made spliced tissues that will determine if viruses are needed to eliminate that debris.

It is vaccines in their whole form, which include adjuvants, that open the body up to a greater degree of potential damage from such man-made tissues. In these cases, the toxic adjuvants and chemical stabilizers may spark the body to manufacture its own viruses to break down the toxic substances because they are too toxic for living microbes to eliminate without being poisoned to death.

Vaccines almost always spark some level of virus creation because vaccines contain certain amounts of viral animal tissues that, when combined with adjuvants, are designed to elicit a certain response from the immune system. It is possible that bacteria can interfere somehow with the bodily system, such as when we ingest too much bacteria from raw foods at once.

But this is because such large amounts of bacteria cause heavy detoxifications to occur all at once as they proliferate in the body. If bacteria are mutations, however, such as from cooked foods that rot, this will cause toxic conditions because they can interfere with digestion and delicate microbial environments in the body.

Most food poisoning is from cooked foods, but in particular, it is caused from chemical preservatives in processed foods. Bacteria that grow on cooked foods are mutated. The same interference can be said for 'live' vaccines. Bacteria, like viruses, are not contagious for a different reason. Bacteria, like flies, are scavengers that do not consume healthy living cells and tissue.

They only occur when there is dead matter, just as a fly will appear on a dead carcass. Just because bacteria are alive, does not mean they are contagious. The idea of ‘contagious’ must be removed from one’s mind when discussing the human body as we are self-contained bio-chemical beings.

We are 99% bacterial and with 1% human gene. Remember: Bacteria consume; Viruses dissolve. 500,000 die a year globally from the flu, supposedly, with over 61 million cases worldwide. Coronaviruses are not new viruses. They have taken an already existing virus and relabeled it as a new and dangerous virus.

They've given fraudulent tests out all over the world that, in actuality, tests for coronavirus and not COVID-19, specifically. Since coronaviruses are common cold viruses, there will be many cases. The differences between regular coronavirus and COVID-19 is so small that the test does not know the difference because the two viruses are virtually identical.

Yes, they are a 'different' strain, but they are only minutely different—not enough to matter. The genome directs each cell what type of protein to manufacture—this includes viral protein structures (virus). Therefore, even small amounts of 2 viral genetic material can be found in times of non-cleansing if tissue is magnified as the PCR test does.

Viral protein particles must be converted by cells into whole viral structures, and then 'encoded' to specifically dissolve specific tissues in and around cells. They are very specific solvents that are discriminatory—not non-discriminatory, as science would have you believe. This is why we do not observe viruses attacking all cells in the body.

Mononucleosis is a detoxification of the mouth and lymph in the neck. 12 Even in times of non-cleansing there are small amounts of viral activity. Small amounts of virus help bacterial and cellular consumption. We must understand the immune-system makes up the whole body. The creation of viruses by cells is part of the immune response.

See book: The Third Element of Blood by Antoine Béchamp, p. 209-211 "These microorganisms (germs) feed upon the poisonous material which they find in the sick organism and prepare it for excretion. These tiny organisms are derived from still tinier organisms called microzyma. These microzyma are present in the tissues and blood of all living organisms where they remain normally quiescent and harmless. When the welfare of the human body is threatened by the presence of potentially harmful material, a transmutation takes place. The microzyma changes into a bacterium or virus which immediately goes to work to rid the body of this harmful material. When the bacteria or viruses have completed their task of consuming the harmful material they automatically revert to the microzyma stage.”

—Bechamp Sourced: Vaccination The "Hidden" Facts by Ian Sinclair p. 62 “Most people are overloaded with these infusions of blockade materials that cannot be utilized by the body. When some extra strain is put upon the vital forces such as sudden change in the weather, fatigue, fear, worry, wrong food etc., the body is unable to hold back the "bursting tide of accumulated waste" any longer and lets go—forcing it out in a cleansing program that usually lasts from 5 days to two weeks. Colds, eruptions, fevers, diarrhea and even paralysis are symptoms of this cleansing effort to rid the body of waste that has not been eliminated through the usual channels. People do not catch diseases from others who have it. All those who are ill built their own causes and the same stresses triggered off the "cleansing act" in all who had reached the saturation point of poisons.”

—The Poisoned Needle, 1956, by Eleanor McBean M.D., N.D., 1956 The in-depth science to understanding how viruses exist in the body was not expounded upon in great detail by Bechamp, but laid the groundwork. That duty was later taken up by other individuals after Bechamp. The microzyma are known as enzymes. Viruses are enzymatic fractionators made of protein that dissolve specific tissue.

The only time they (viruses) would dissolve healthy tissue is if you have a severely toxic tissue such as in polio, where toxic metals are embedded in the tissue. Only then will viruses dissolve healthy tissue to get to the metal and try to remove it. Metal is incredibly hard to remove from the body. Zeta Potential is what keeps objects in free suspension in the body on a cellular level.

It is the nature of static electricity that repels or attracts objects away from themselves, so they stay separated. Without high Zeta Potential, cells and other agents cannot move through small blood vessels and capillaries in a single file line. I mentioned that to explain how viruses move inside the body. They float in suspension.

Think of dust floating in space. You see all the dust is floating separately as particles. When Zeta Potential, the static charge, falls too low, the dust falls to the floor and sticks to one another. DNA is an energy form that flows throughout all agents in the body. Our genes and genome contain crystalline 3 structures known as DNA/RNA, which reads and gives energy in order to communicate functions throughout the body.

"DNA Is Dynamic And Has High Energy; Not Stiff Or Static As First Envisioned. ... It is dynamic with high energy. It exists— sciencedaily Autism directly relates to the loss of Zeta Potential, if I may briefly elucidate the major cause of autism: Most children in the modern age are being injected with 50-70+ vaccines by the time they are 18. This equals a large amount of toxin accumulation being stored in the body starting from an early age, which results in disease at a later point in life.

This is why vaccine damage is less directly and readily observable—because it is somewhat untraceable, and they are not looking 10-20 years out from the point of vaccination when these problems can manifest, nor are they observing the right areas. Aside from this, it is not the ingredients solely themselves that are the issue. It is the vaccine in whole.

There is no such thing as a safe vaccine, even if the vaccine contained just an 'inactivated' virus tissue. When you inject someone with foreign debris, the body can and many times will go into shock and die. If this foreign animal tissue is injected into the body, the body cannot find the reason or cause for its existence, or when that virus will be active.

The body is alerted through the immune response, which sends white blood cells (antibodies) to the area. But unlike a natural virus originating in the bodily system, this process artificially elevates the immune system, causing mutated antibodies that try to help fight off and cleanse that debris from the blood and system as quickly as possible.

Viruses can also occur in this situation. The aluminum adjuvant irritates and provokes the immune system further into the processes stated above. Because of the creation of 5 these mutated antibodies that do not go dormant for up to 10 years, the immune response is elevated for a long period of time, causing damage to the brain and eroding the myelination around the brain, opening the brain up to more nerve damage with subsequent vaccinations.

As a result of metallic toxicity from aluminum, clotting, and stickiness of blood cells occurs due to loss of Zeta Potential. This occurs because the processes of phagocytosis distribute metallic minerals throughout the nervous system, such as the brain because the body uses metallic minerals to conduct light and electricity.

These heavy metals cause sedimentation in these areas, preventing smooth movement of cells and neurons, ultimately restricting proper blood flow. This causes sludging and coagulation, which prevents cells from flowing through the tiny hair-like capillaries and blood vessels in the brain, which causes various levels of paralysis from lack of adequate blood flow; stroke in the brain—autism.

Because of this, great nerve and cellular destruction occur in these areas. Hardening and scarring result. Further deterioration of the spine and brain occurs as bacteria and/or viruses appear from infection and the resultant inflammation in order to dissolve accumulated toxicity in and around the tissue of the body.

But because this process involves inorganic substances, they cannot readily cleanse the body as they normally could, essentially eating and destroying healthy tissue in the process of attempting the removal of these substances. This makes it appear as though the body is attacking its own tissue, but this is partly an illusion.

This function is also present in diseases such as polio, cerebral palsy, and Alzheimer's Disease etc. All of these neurological diseases share almost the same functions; various levels of paralysis of the brain and nervous system. This process can happen quickly in a child's body because they do not have proper myelination to protect their brains or nerve tissue.

This incurs what I call RVIT: Rapid Vaccine Induced Toxicity, leading to the various levels of paralysis stated above. The level of damage can occur over one vaccine, or after multiple vaccines. It is entirely body dependent. Bacteriophages (virus) are called 'bacteria-eaters'. But that is not an accurate statement because viruses are not alive and cannot eat.

They have no nucleus, they have no respiratory system, and they have no digestive system. Anything else and it cannot be called a virus. When viruses and bacteria are observed in petri-dish environments, is it the virus that kills the bacteria, or is it the toxic serums?

This directly relates to what I spoke about regarding how viruses are observed. These are just another type of virus that can dissolve waste debris. As I stated, there are over 320,000 virus variants/mutations inherent to the human body. Now, amoebas are pleomorphic, just as bacteria are.

Amoebas are part of the processes of phagocytosis and are a type of cell that consumes and eliminates, just as a phagocyte does. Both processes help regulate bacteria in the body, balancing out the many bacteria and dead bacteria in the body, etc. Viruses cannot infect amoeba cells, but they may dissolve them if they become thoroughly and fully toxic.

Viruses will dissolve specific structures whether they're bacterial or cellular. That is quite a misnomer to state they infect cells. So now, science has claimed, without proof, that viruses can not only infect cells, but they can infect bacteria. Vaccines are causing the outbreak of Ebola symptoms in people. It is merely the body reacting to chemical toxicity present in certain vaccines administered in Africa.

Even the CDC admits in part: "Ebola does not pass through the air, through the food, or water." Yet, many media outlets contradict this statement even, by claiming Ebola is 'highly contagious'. I have seen no proof that it exists naturally outside the vaccine. So, even according to the CDC themselves, the only real way to get it is direct blood-to-blood contact using needles from a victim somehow (or through blood transfusions).

Ebola, like H1N1, is a man-made disease that exists only in vaccine form. It is merely a reaction to chemical toxicity, no different from other vaccines—yet Ebola appears to have more extreme effects. Ebola is not a natural virus. Unlike other natural viruses like flu and cold viruses, Ebola exists only as a man-made virus created in a lab.

Yes, I absolutely believe Ebola is caused by a vaccine and Ebola results from specific combinations of spliced animal tissues and other toxic serums. It is used on Africans like AIDS was. Ebola was 'found' in 1978 in Africa, just like AIDS. Funny that these viruses never occurred naturally before the 70s. To understand Ebola, you must understand AIDS—that will reveal the true nature of Ebola.



ISSUE #2 1


Written byJeff Green Alternative Nutrition/Researcher Issue #2 - November 27th, 2020

L How Do Viruses Mutate?

□ Can Viruses be Isolated?

□ Koch's Postulates Flawed

Viewer Question:

"I'm so curious how they (scientists) can say a virus will adapt or mutate when it seems even mainstream scientists agree it's not a living thing?"

1ruses cannot mutate by themselves. They are only pleomorphic insofar as the genome will mutate the

blueprints for cells to manufacture

different strains of the same virus. Obviously, the cell creates the virus, and the cell genome will change the creation of the virus (mutation) in order to suit its needs. Viruses cannot mutate on their own like certain bacterium can since viruses are not alive.

When it comes to bacteria, they do not change their form entirely. They merely morph into slightly differing forms to meet the needs of the tissue in which they reside. So, when they claim the virus is mutating, it is because the virus is being mutated BY the body-not solely by itself. It is the body that is mutating the virus; changing it to suit the needs of the body and of whatever toxin it is encountering. Perhaps the first strain was not enough, so cells intelligently create differing proteins of the same strain (viruses). They say "OK, we need these types of solvents to cleanse, and we need to change the viral structure minutely to meet that need." Then, cells will mutate a virus during creation to do so.

Remember that each and every body that

develops coronavirus will contain a different strain. That goes for any virus. Even if you develop HIV virus, or rhinovirus (cold virus), or flu-each strain is different. There is no strain that circulates throughout the population (for a number of reasons, obviously). They claim there are at least 6 different groups of coronavirus. Each one of those groups has different strains within them. Then, you branch that out to a person to person basis and you have unlimited strains (of course, still coronavirus, but different because of RNA and DNA differences between people).

SHINE A LIGHT Newsletter 2

Question #2;

"Has a virus ever been observed entering a human cell while in human tissue? (No, computer-generated models do not count.)"

I've seen little evidence of it as far as video or photo, and always under the guise of 'infection'. I've theorized before that viruses would only enter weak and decaying cells to dissolve a specific part of a cell and help reverse a cell's toxic fluids that are not healthy enough to manufacture proteins-not to 'infect' a cell. The ability for the virus to latch on to the cell due to compatibility between RNA and DNA of that particular cell and virus, which will attract viruses to spe• cific cells like velcro-in hindsight, it's a very intelligent thing that happens. Science claims a virus will inject into the cell its own genetic material, but in order to do so, it must dissolve a portion of the cell. They then claim endocytosis engulfs the virus, bringing it into the cell. It is my belief that the opposite is happening.

The cell is engulfing the virus intelligently on its own accord. And remember, in an indirect way, science itself claims viruses can dissolve parts of cells, because (they claim) the virus must dissolve a portion of the cell in order to inject its genetic material in order to replicate, which just so happens to be compatible with the host body's RNA and DNA. When a cell creates a virus, it embeds the core of the virus with RNA

and DNA 'keys', and layers it under a protein surfactant type coating (capsid) made of a gel-like water membrane, which allows the virus (with the help of white blood cells) to dissolve specific tissue by engulfing the matter in the outer coating, and gradually dissolving the matter by disassembling it as an enzyme would break down food. The only time a virus would enter a cell is when that cell is so toxic that it must dissolve large portions of the cell. Sometimes the cell is so toxic that it must be entirely dissolved.

The cell allows a virus inside, not to infect the cell and replicate (because the cell cannot replicate a virus in such a way, since viruses must be created from the ground up by your own cells). Viruses that occur in healthier cells can be produced easily, and while inside the cytoplasm, they can clean up the inside of that cell. So, there is no need for other viruses from other cells to enter into those cells.

But what ifyou have a tocic cell that cannot produce its own soaps (virus)?

Cells create viruses that dissolve tissue in and around cells. They can also dissolve specific portions of dead or dying cells. So they are being drawn to cells intelligently by RNA and DNA keys that attract the virus to the cell with the help

SHINE A LIGHT Newsletter 3

of white blood cells that regulate virus actions. Science itself even admits that this is the purpose of viral RNA and DNA. Healthy and somewhat healthy nucleus cells that manufacture proteins assemble viruses from viral parts of the cell that then go out and perform their functions. Cells that are too unhealthy to do so will of course not manufacture viruses because their fluids are too toxic.

Viruses may dissolve portions of those cells by entering into them through weakened walls of the cell as well-it is entirely dependant on the cell. So yes, the cell may engulf or 'suck in' a virus, just as a white blood cell engulfs foreign matter, but it's not being done to infect the cell-in science theory even, it couldn't replicate in such a cell anyway, since it's not stable enough. Science claims the virus is infecting a cell if they see a virus entering a cell. I have never seen proof of most of their claims. Most of science is theoretical-not proven.

Most of the things I am writing are hard to find in the literature, but it does exist, albeit with many half-truths. I strongly and completely disagree that viruses are out to infect a host. They are intelligent expressions of cells in danger of systemic toxicity. All cells communicate with each other when they are in danger. It is a whole-body effort. Viruses are merely enzymes that are cleansers-their

purpose m the body being to reverse toxic conditions.

Question #3;

"Is there an example in nature that demonstrates (or helps us 'observe') the purpose of a virus as cleansing agent over deadly invader?"

Whenever someone comes down with a viral illness, we almost always observe that person becoming healthier after the fact. It strengthens the body. They may feel better than they have in a long time due to such cleansing processes. The body is sort of like a vehicle that needs to have the oil changed every so often. The body accumulates and discards, accumulates and discards, over and over again every single day. It is an act of always trying to maintain a relative balance.

When the body is healthy, that balance is

achieved without much labor. When toxins are added to the equation, the body has a difficult time maintaining itself, and disease results. We know something is breaking down toxic waste in the body because symptoms increase with colds, flus, and other viruses. Those symptoms expel their dissolved matter outside the body after viruses dissolve them into minute particles, neutralizing them with alkalizing minerals such as calcium and magnesium.

Mucus, coughing, and other routes mcrease their expulsion until all that

SHINE A LIGHT Newsletter 4

matter is removed. This alone proves there is a dissolving factor (viruses) at play without ever witnessing them via microscopy. It is felt and observed from outside the body. After that is complete, the body returns to relative ease for a while. This is proof that there is something breaking down matter. We call these viruses, but the actual term we should use is 'enzymatic waste dissolvers' that break down cellular and toxic waste, foreign debris, and other substances that normal janitorial agents cannot feed upon and remove.

White blood cells are what help expel toxins from the body, and exist in mucus/phlegm. Viruses dissolve toxic matter in order to then be expelled by mucus, skin, and bowels. White blood cells work alongside the virus and engulf the dissolved matter. Mucus, for instance, is made of white blood cells that can bind with substances and escort them out of the body without much damage; toxins and their byproducts are acidic in nature. When mucus turns green or brown, there's a heavy protein presence that causes it to thicken, and is being used to bind with many volatile toxins. Mucus increases when one has a cold, flu, or allergy, or whatever it is that needs to come out of the body. The rest is removed via the bowels and skin.

Static Environments - Observational Error

When scientists claim they see entry of viruses into cells, they are theorizing entry, because viruses cannot be seen in the living state as is suggested. Although they can be partially observed through static environments, their observations will not be accurate for a number of reasons. First, one must understand that static environments, such as petri-dishes, are devoid of the entire range of cleaners; such as bacteria, parasites, fungi, and cleansing cells. Do researchers go out of their way to include all of this in their research? The answer is no. That task is nigh impossible anyway since there are so many processes of the microbiome in the body. When you observe these microbiome constituents outside the body, you will observe different actions as you would in the living body that has not been interfered with. The minute you interfere with tissue, the cells change their behavior; most of the time becoming erratic.

For instance, if you cut a piece of your arm off to observe the cells in it, those cells will become panicked and go into survival mode, and blood cells will begin to die and clump together; observations will be skewed heavily. When it comes to viruses, viruses are observed in relative, but not full, isolation. That is,

SHINE A LIGHT Newsletter 5

they are not combined with the full living range of processes in the body.

Cells are kept in toxic serums that just keep cells alive, but cause toxicity in that cell. Scientists will therefore always observe the manifestation of viruses because cells have no other cleansing agents by which they can utilize, so cells manufacture the only thing at their disposal, which are non-living enzymes (viruses), in order to cleanse themselves in that toxic environment. Viral parts already naturally exist in all nucleus cells of the body that create proteins.

Can Viruses be Isolated?

iruses cannot be isolated because they are bound with fluids from the body. Viruses

may only be partially isolated when

'grown' in cell cultures that sustain cellular life, but they are still bound by fluids. They usually use 'HeLa cell' lines which are supposed to be 'immortal cells', which are really mutated cancer cells that incur false observations of reality, because they do not behave as normal cells would-they are mutations and those cells are partially dead by nature. Without bodily and cellular fluids, viruses would wither. Isolation of cell constituents, like viruses, is practically impossible. A virus cannot be isolated in the sense that it will then exist solely on its own without disrupting the

nature of the virus itself. You cannot isolate something like a virus from the rest of its constituents. Perhaps, through purification methods, such as utilizing a centrifuge, they can attempt to isolate a virus, but then a virus will become something entirely different than its organic counterpart-attenuated and altered, purified, etc. It then eventually becomes 'dead' tissue, thereby altering its nature.

Furthermore, viruses do not mutate on their own. Cells mutate their genome blueprints in order to then be able to produce specific enzyme (virus) mutations. Unlike bacterium, viruses are not alive to change and morph, so they must do so indirectly via the cell.

Remember that viruses are cell

expressions. Either way, you cannot then inject that tissue and cause immunity, because the body uses cellular RNA and DNA to communicate their processes in the body-those communication keys are embedded by your cells. Since viruses originating outside your body do not contain your specific RNA and DNA, it is analyzed as nothing but foreign debris with no identification key, thus, no purpose.

You cannot 'purify' viral tissue because it is bound to fluids from the body. Viruses will be produced by cells if cells in a test tube cannot cleanse themselves of toxic serums not inherent to their natural

SHINE A LIGHT Newsletter 6

environment. Since those cells do not contain the microbiome as would appear in the body (all living bacteria and agents), the cell must manufacture a non-living protein-the only agent it has at its disposal. When viruses are set in a prime environment, they do not replicate, obviously, since they are not able to replicate on their own. Only when observing cells themselves do we see such viral replication occurring.

Furthermore, cells in such an environment, as stated, do not behave as they would in the body. There is no waste removal, such as perspiration, so you will always observe cell mutations and irregular cell behavior that would naturally be regulated and removed by the natural processes of the body. So science blames those mutations as something negative happening in the body, but they do not go a step further and figure in the cleansing mechanisms therein, which would remove that cellular degeneration/mutation.

As stated, viruses occur m such conditions because cells are limited and surrounded by their own cellular waste. How else shall they cleanse?

The answer: viruses.

Koch's Postulates Flawed

och's postulates apply only to bacteria, and are not accurate testing methods for bacteria,

especially viruses. Yes, that seems to be the adopted mainstream view, but has at the same time been disproved by many. Koch was in-line with Pasteur with regard to Germ Theory, so his postulates are based upon a fallacy from the beginning; blaming the bacteria for the disease. As previously stated, viruses and bacteria cannot be accurately observed outside the body as is surmised in that theory. As explained, the reason is that such test environments are static and devoid of the entirety of the microbiome (the constituents of the living microbial environment, including viruses and cells)-therefore, observations will be made that are wholly inaccurate and will mislead the observer. Viruses cannot be extracted from their bound constituents and fluids in the body-they do not exist as singular viral tissues in natural cases.

They can be grown in a lab using diseased cells that are then sparked to produce their own viral proteins to cleanse. They know this, but they convolute the science and confound it with doublespeak. If such a theory believes that viruses taken from an

'infected' patient will spark the same

infection in another body, it must also be noted that there have been many

SHINE A LIGHT Newsletter 7

documented cases that prove otherwise; no such infections occurred when all coincidences ceased. If they are coming from the cell itself, Germ Theory is invalid. If there is one iota of evidence that cells are creating viral tissues on

their own, Germ Theory is invalid.

The doctrine to seemingly explain that viruses infect cells and hijack their cellular mechanisms is nothing but a cover story to hide the fact that it is an intelligent function of cellular behavior-not the other way around. Many know this, but continue the lie inherited from Germ Theory.

If this were the true nature of viruses, we would observe them indiscriminately attacking all cells in the body, and the outcome would be 99% the same in every body across the board, much like the same dose of cyanide given to a group of people; While many can become somewhat immune to certain dosages of poisons, there are many poisons, such as cyanide, that are lethal in almost everyone that receives it. Viruses, likewise, would behave in the same way if they were infecting cells without cause or reason. We would almost always observe the death of the organism it invaded; immune function and health would matter not.

That is all for this issue of Shine A Light. Please visit my website for more information:

If you have any questions or would like information on a particular subject, please email me at my website by filling out the form.

-Jeff Green

Germ Theory: The Lynchpin Holding the Entire Hoax Together BY PUBLIC COMMENTER TOMMY 369 ( 5-19-20)

There’s no such thing as a contagious “virus.” Unbelievable? Shocking? Yes, it is. Here are quotations from doctors, authors and experts that refute Louis Pasteur’s fraudulent “germ theory.” This is the lynchpin issue that holds this entire planned-demic together. When you disprove the theory that so-called viruses can be transmitted through the air from one person to another, the entire house of cards falls to the ground:

“The entire fabric of the germ theory of disease rests upon assumptions which not only have not been proved, but which are incapable of proof, and many of them can be proved to be the reverse of truth. The basic one of the unproven assumptions, wholly due to Pasteur, is the hypothesis that all the so-called infections and contagious disorders are caused by germs.” — M.L. Leverson, M.D.


Dr. Thomas Cowan, M.D.

“… Viruses are simply the excretions of a toxic cell. Viruses are pieces of DNA or RNA, with a few other proteins. They butt out from the cell. They happen when the cell is poisoned. They are not the cause of anything.” — Dr. Thomas Cowan, M.D., commenting on Rudolf Steiner’s insights

“We said before that so-called ‘germs’ are ubiquitous. They are ever present, in many varying forms in both healthy and sick people. These microbes kick into what modern scientists call ‘pathogens,’ when the media is toxic and conducive to clean up. When you enter into a healing crisis, and your body is throwing off toxins, these ‘germs’ appear out of your very substance, to help eliminate, process and break down these toxins. Germs have absolutely no causal relationship to disease. But germs do appear to help you clean out, because put quite simply, your disease is your cure!” — Dr. William P. Trebing, author of “Good-Bye Germ Theory,” page 154

“If the Germ Theory were true, no one would be alive to believe it.” — B.J. Palmer, D.C.

“Three criteria are, according to the scientific method needed to properly identify a virus. It must be isolated from a host cell. As of 2016 this has never been accomplished in humans. It must be photographed and it’s diameter measured. As of 2016 this has never been accomplished in humans. It must be biochemically characterized. As of 2016 this has never been accomplished in humans. This has never been done with any virus (herpes, hepatitis, h1n1, bird flu, swine flu, influenza, polio, measles) let alone HIV, HPV, SARS, Zika or Ebola.” — Viruses. How Much is that Dogma in the Window?, New Medicine Online

“We agree with those members of the profession who hold that no germ causes tuberculosis. Germs do not cause any disease. Further, we agree that there is more harm in the fear of germs than there is in the germs themselves.” — Simon Louis Katzoff, M.D., author of Timely Truths on Human Health, 1921


Rudolf Virchow

“Germs seek their natural habitat: diseased tissue, rather than being the cause of diseased tissue.” Rudolf Virchow

“The general public have been told that we do not become ill except when germs penetrate into from without. The germ theory of disease is ridiculous.” — E. Douglas Hume, author of Bechamp or Pasteur, A Lost Chapter in the History of Biology

“Medical doctors are working on the germ theory of disease… But the germ theory is already weakening and is due for being thrown aside. Dr. Fraser of Canada and Dr. Powell of California have experimented with billions of germs of all varieties, but they have been unable to produce a single disease by the introduction of germs into human subjects. Dr. Waite tried for years to prove the germ theory, but he could not do so. During the World War an experiment was conducted at Gallop’s Island Massachusetts, in which millions of influenza germs were injected into over one hundred men at the Government hospital, and no one got the flu. Germs are scavengers.” — Principles and Practice of Naturopathy, E.W. Cordingley, M.D., N.D., A.M.

“You’re working under a wrong premise to begin with and you’re never going to find the answer if you do that. Viruses have no nucleus. There’s no respiratory system. There’s no circulatory system. There’s no digestive system. Viruses are not alive. That’s like saying soap is alive. They’re not alive. They are solvents. They are soaps. However, more accurately, they are enzymes to fractionate tissue for waste elimination.” — Aajonus Vonderplanitz


Hans Ruesch

“We must infer that at least some and probably all three of those Russian peasants died because of Pasteur’s vaccine, as did uncounted people later on… Only one thing is sure: ever since Pasteur developed his “vaccine,” the cases of death from rabies have increased, not diminished.” — Hans Ruesch, animal rights activist and pioneer of the anti-vivisection movement

“Had it not been for the mass selling of vaccines, Pasteur’s germ theory of disease would have collapsed into obscurity.” — E. Douglas Hume, author of Bechamp or Pasteur, A Lost Chapter in the History of Biology

“The culprit however, is not the microbe. It is the level of toxicity you have in your own blood stream.” — Good-Bye Germ Theory, Dr. William P. Trebing, 2006

“We must look rationally at the bacterial issue. Consider the fact that many tribes ate primarily unsalted raw meat, unsalted raw fats and/or unsalted raw dairy products from the beginning. They did not wash their hands or sterilize their food before eating. Every form of natural bacteria, including salmonella, E. coli and campylobacter were eaten with their food abundantly and constantly. Why were they vibrant, healthy and disease free if microbes are the culprits?” — Aajonus Vonderplanitz, The Recipe for Living Without Disease


“There will be, in the next generation or so, a pharmacological method of making people love their servitude, and producing dictatorship without tears, so to speak, producing a kind of painless concentration camp for entire societies, so that people will in fact have their liberties taken away from them, but will rather enjoy it, because they will be distracted from any desire to rebel by propaganda or brainwashing, or brainwashing enhanced by pharmacological methods. And this seems to be the final revolution”

― Aldous Huxley











The Political Economy of the Weapons Industry




Joseph Chilton Pearce Audio mp3 Books


post financial core of the financial corporate class with credits as rant.

read along w rec of a chpter of magical child

Michael Bellingersaid:

April 2, 2020 at 2:53 pm

Miles,everyone. It’s there if you know the channels that are exposing it. The first lady (Vlogger Amazing Polly) to expose it well heard it from another channel named Quite Frankly. Mostly on Youtube/Bitchute. I remember hearing about a Pandemic exercise in NYC last year, but paid no more attention to it. I will list a series of videos and channels that have outed all of it. Amazing Polly website www dot amazingpolly dot net exposed it.”Event 201 Global Pandemic” is her first expose, and the follow ups are just as good. She exposes Fauci, Birx and Pence. Event 201 itself was all filmed and you can watch it all on Youtube, or at their site, but who would want to? She makes awesome connections between the elite creeps and their various scams. She is better than all of the fake news networks put together. Birx, Fauci and Pence are all part of a UN Foundation scam for ‘AIDS research’ called Pepfar she tears that all apart in one episode..Her expose’s alone will do it, but there are more. She has utterly uncovered Soros and his takeover of Ukraine in a former series. next is Dr Lorraine Day. She was a regular on Coast to Coast am in the early 2000’s until she left, I think because she was tipped off that Art Bell was an insider and worse. Her interview on the Veritas TV channel covers all of the Medical scam of this hoax, and of vaccines and the CDC for the hoax they are as well. I’ll put links below this. Next is the Age of Truth Channel, out of Denmark. I spend way too much time on Youtube because I love “how to’ videos as well as music and NWO research. He ran a panel discussion of European Vloggers and activists against 5G and it has yielded some new and startling information on two companies, Serco and Qintiq, as well as Ole Dammegard revealing a 39 event coordinated terrorist attack he was tipped about and exposed, that he thinks was supposed to run off with this one. You’ll see I comment on all these videos and cross link them. there are two addl links they mention (Quintiq and Dr Cowan) that I searched and found.and co9mmented on. Now yesterday another Vlogger who isn’t as serious, he used to be better, but he found a new project actually an old one) from the Rockefeller Foundation that is linked in with project 201. It was previously reported on the Globalresearch website. It is called Lock-Step, how to implement a police state based on a virus pandemic. his name is JSNIP4. he has the link in his video. I’ll list all the links here:

[Michael, your comment went to moderation. I reviewed the links you provided and in my view the sites and Youtube channels you linked to are full of all kinds misdirection. For example: we’re in the midst of a Marxist revolution (“Amazing” Polly), Q is here to save the day (Lorraine Day), a dubious talk by a Cowan (cohen) and a roundtable discussion with Ole Dammegard (Age of Truth). I did not watch all of the content you linked to, which in its particulars may have been ok. So I am leaving enough information here if people want to search for it on their own. It also adds to the list of sources of outlets that are not to be trusted.]

Dr Lorraine Day There Are No Conspiracies Just truth and Lies

Age of Truth TV Corona Virus and the Global Lockdown

Q is for the Queens Qinetiq Tommy Rodgers

Dr Thomas Cowan Parents For Healthcare Rights 11K subscribers

Realist News Jsni4p

Globalresearch VIDEO: The “Lock Step” Simulation Scenario: “A Coronavirus-like Pandemic that Becomes Trigger for Police State Controls”

Dana Ashlie does a lot of expose’s on 5G. This one gets pretty far out, but the Morgellons information sounds like it is correct. I worked as a teenager in a fiber plant here in Utica, NY an area known for textiles until the 70’s. To make fibers a thick liquid called viscose (made from cellulose and other things like maybe oil according to videos I watched) comes out of a jet, I had to ‘grab’ that stream of molasses like stuff and from a nozzle that moved up and down, and direct it into a female end funnel, that directed it into a liquid acid solution. The acid stunk like rotten eggs, and would rot your shoes. But when the viscose hit the acid. it solifdified anda fiber strand was created., Once it became solid, it would then pull the viscose down automatically until you broke the stream. I only lasted about 2 weeks at that. It was miserable factory work. My mother was there several years and joined the Theosophical Society through someone she met there. You see, conspiracy is everywhere. She had all the books, but I never did get to see an aura..