Scrabble + Math 

= Summer Camp

August 2024

Do you love word games and math?  

SCRABBLE combines them both in ways you might not have imagined!

Scrabble is “a math game. It’s about probability. It’s about spatial relations; it’s about geometry; it’s about strategy. 

It’s about equity. At the highest level, it’s sophisticated math thinking.” 

-Stefan Fatsis, author of the best-seller Word Freak

Join us for five days of fun at the SCRABBLE & MATH CAMP in Northampton, MA.

August 5 - 9, 2024 from 9:30 AM - 3:30 PM each day.

No Scrabble experience necessary.  Exposure to some high school math helpful.

Highlights of the Week

Learn the strategies that expert level Scrabble players use to win!

Learn to solve advanced problems taken directly from American Math Competitions* (AMC8, 10 & 12)

Use computer analysis to understand the equity value of each Scrabble move

Learn and practice top strategies for answering standardized math test questions

Get lessons on advanced math concepts -- probability, combinatorics, and more!

Maximize your ability to memorize new information

Learn about math careers that involve statistical analysis

Work to solve math problems and puzzles in small groups of like-minded students

Play fun math games that challenge your logical and mathematical thinking

Learn how to compete in nationally-rated local Scrabble tournaments

Meet, and learn from, famous National Scrabble Champions

Break time with opportunities to swim, play ping pong, solve hands-on logic puzzles, and make friends!

The Instructors

Ben Greenwood is the Dean of Students at Westfield Intermediate School and is the long-time Director of the North American School Scrabble Championship.   He has taught Scrabble strategy to children and adults for over 25 years.  He has professional level state certification to teach Mathematics and has won the National Scrabble Championship multiple times at the Intermediate level.

Scott Appel (via Zoom) is the Co-Director of the Biostatistics Analysis Center at the University of Pennsylvania and is a former high school math teacher.  He has been consistently ranked among the top Scrabble players in North America with a peak rating of over 2000.

Special Guest Appearances (via Zoom) by 

Famed YouTuber and 2017 National Scrabble Champion 

Will Anderson


Joe Edley

 Professional Scrabble player and author of Everything Scrabble

and the only American to win the National Scrabble Championship three times!


$385 for the entire week ($95/day if not attending full week).   


Just $325 for the entire week (or $85/day) if paid by July 22, 2024.   

Space is still available as of 7/17/24.

Make electronic bank payment via PayPal (@ScrabbleClub) or Venmo (@BenGreenwood).

Write to us at for answers to any questions.

Private rooms/bath available for out-of-town camper and parent, please inquire for details.

*AMC is the American Mathematics Competition, offered annually to students in grades 6-12.

National Champion Will Anderson winning a $10,000 Scrabble prize.

Ben Greenwood and Joe Edley after competing in Division One of the San Francisco Open in July 2024.  See game board here.

Three time national champion Joe Edley winning a $25,000 prize.