Skills and Drills

Due to COVID restrictions, this SCPA programming is currently not being offered to members. As COVID restrictions decrease, this programming will be offered again.

Playing any game is fun only if you feel comfortable with your ability to be competitive, no matter the level of play. This is why practice, practice and more practice is important. Practice means drilling and not playing. Playing is the fun way to implement the skills learned from drilling. Drilling is the best method to master any skill. Drilling is the hard part of pickleball. Identify the weakest parts of your game, find the appropriate practice drill and spend a few hours working the drill. Weekly sessions are set up to practice specific skills for different levels of play. Drills shouldn't be done alone, someone should be able to observe as well, and the observer should be qualified to assess whether the practiced skill is done properly. Practice may not make you perfect but it will not make you worse.

Invitations to join weekly Skills and Drills sessions during the outdoor season will be sent out via TrackItHub.


Below you will find a number of videos that have been curated from the internet, mostly Youtube. There is such a wonderful pickleball community and many members have taken to Youtube to try and share their passion for the game including their expertise. A short description will be provided with the video to help you select videos that may be of particular interest to you. Videos have been divided into various skills and drills to help you become a better player.