SCPA Executive

President: Barbara Mullen-

Past president: Rita Fournier -

Vice President: Rita Fournier -

Treasurer: Anita Klassen -

Secretary: Kathy Burgett -

Directors at Large:

Outdoors: Gary A'Hearn -

Nelton Barbosa -

Membership: Deb Hamer -

Membership Development and Engagement - Kin Leong -

Volunteers and Social Committee -

Equipment - Darwyn Starner -

Tournaments / Referees - Gary A'Hearn -


Website Coordinator: Dan Coles -

Newsletter Editor: Gwen Otto -

SCPA Executive serves the membership of SCPA. Each year at the Annual General Meeting, members put their names forward to serve on the executive. If there are multiple people who desire to serve in a position, an election will take place.