Due to COVID restrictions, this SCPA programming is currently not being offered to members. As COVID restrictions decrease, this programming will be offered again.

This four week lesson program is based on a structured learner centered delivery system by experienced instructors. Students registering are expected to commit to this four consecutive week period in order to maximize learning outcomes. This introductory offer is limited to the first 15 non-members who sign up through our website with the commitment for the defined period. Should you wish to continue with organized play , please consider becoming an SCPA member for the fiscal year ending April 30 2021. Membership benefits are significant and substantial with the focus on predetermined court access time for all levels of play. Networking and socialization with like-minded people are also major benefits. These lessons are meant to achieve basic pickleball learning outcomes that will allow beginners to play and develop their skills. Appropriate apparel and outdoor court shoe are encouraged.