ScoutMine is a funding solutions company that specializes in Reg CF, Reg D and Reg A+ offerings

Crowdfunding has never been that hard if done correctly!

ScoutMine is one of the fastest-growing crowdsourcing platforms whose journey started in January 2020. It is no surprise that our company has a 92% success ratio and over 500K customer reach that can help fundraise your startup venture.

We provide 360 degrees of services to ensure a successful crowdfunding campaign. Our proven formula will provide data driven results to ensure that your Company is a good fit for Crowdfunding. ScoutMine can provide the answers so that your Company can have a successful campaign now or in the future.

ScoutMine knows what it takes to succeed in crowdfunding and our highly experienced team is there every step of the way to ensure perfect execution.

We can help build trust with our Services

There are typically three types of crowdfunding:

  1. Reward Crowdfunding

  2. Debt Crowdfunding

  3. Equity Crowdfunding

With reward crowdfunding you can raise your funds by reaching out to supporters, who receive a small gift or product sample if they pledge a certain amount.

As for debt crowdfunding, you receive a loan and pay it within a specific time frame. Some founding companies prefer it over bank loans because it can be much faster.

And last, equity crowdfunding means you give a portion of your company ownership to the people who provide the fundings.

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