Sleep Point 5

Sleep Point 5 Coordinator

Sandra Sunkel - Lozell, DLS Frankston District

Ph. 0430 338 550

Activity Co-ordinator

Sleep Point 5 Team

Our team is well underway, but we'd love volunteers to join us for the weekend. On the sleep point we supervise 100+ Scouts, keep their cooking fires burning, washing water ready to go and help them with camping and hiking skills. We also provide support to the 4 activity points allocated to our sleep point. It's an enjoyable weekend for all involved.


Meals include:

Saturday Breakfast, Packed Lunch, Dinner

Sunday Breakfast and Packed Lunch

Tea, coffee, milo, cakes etc all weekend.

Cost for the weekend is $40

If you are a Learner leader and you'd like to eat with us, please use the link below to book. We promise to keep you well fed, and in good company. Your food package must be booked and paid no later than 5pm Mon 15th May in order for us to prepare for the right amount of people.

Activity Point Team Leaders

Activity Q: Tim Allchin, SL 1st Upwey

Activity R: Nick Pinkstone, DLS Casey

Activity S: Scott Turner, SL 2nd Mornington

Activity T: Kevin Garcia, SL Carrum Downs.

First aid: