THANK YOU to everyone that helped at SP3 in 2019

Application for activity point teams is are now open. Please send you detaisl to if you have a team that is able to run an activity at SH2020. You will need at least 10 people ( 3-4 leaders + Venturers is OK)

SP3 TEAM (2020)

  • SP3 coordinator Peter Baranow (SL) 10th Ivanhoe scout group. Mobile 0418378871 work 94175666 email
  • Activity coordinator Michael Free
  • Sleep point Registration IN /OUT - Steve Anastasiou
  • Advance party, Peter Baranow, Micheal Free, Steve Anastasiou, others TBA
  • Catering .
  • Bus departure team.
  • First aid .TBA
  • Radio. TBA

SP3 has provided an exceptional level of catering for this event and the leaders have enjoyed participating knowing that they will be feed well. Leader work hard to provide the resources to manage SP3 and the surrounding activities so it is great to be able to provide this resource.

In 2020 your food package MUST BE PAID IN ADVANCE. As i have to pay for all the food, fuel etc before we arrive I MUST have your payment to me NO LATTER THAN 12 Midnight WED 13th MAY. We go shopping on Thursday morning



24 hour coffee, tea, hot chocolate and biscuits

ALL MEALS FRID Supper SAT Breakfast ,Lunch, Spit roast Dinner. SUN Breakfast, Lunch


SAT night dinner

24 hour coffee, tea, hot chocolate and biscuits

  1. cash in a sealed and named envelope. Home / work
  2. Payment using trybooking.


Please bring all your own food and cooking equipment.

You may use the eating shelter , water and washing up facilities .

SP3 will dispose of your rubbish.



  • Cover the aspect of badge work as set out in the table.
  • Be interesting to the Scouts when they come to complete the task
  • Be fun for the team who are organising & running the activity.
  • Decide if they are going to make their base represent a particular icon.

Crews/units/groups assisting at Scout hike 2020

1st Eaglemont Venturer , Cleve Cole rover crew ( Sally West Rover) , 1st Ivanhoe Venturers ( TBA)

ACTIVITY SITE (3.1) Locksley Rovers (10th Ivanhoe) Mahatma Ghandi FUN (Thomas Faulder Rover)

ACTIVITY SITE (3.2) ( TBA ) Mandela Citizenship Adventurer 1a Promise & law

ACTIVITY SITE (3.3) 10th Ivanhoe venturer unit. Eddie Marbo Campcraft Explorer 3c - Know how to find and improvise shelter in the bush and to maintain body temperature. ( Cary Thomson Venturer)

ACTIVITY SITE (3.4) ( TBA ) Jandamara Campcraft Adventurer 4b & c - demonstrate how to plan a route for a hike from a topographic map, including an understanding of the Naismith’s rule, demonstrate how to establish your location on a map using back bearings, triangulation or resection.

ACTIVITY SITE (3.5) Fellowship . Winston Churchill Emergencies Explorer 4c - build a bush stretcher and carry a patient over a distance of 500m Phill Waddell