Mt Dandenong Region Scout Fantastic Race 2018

It's nearly time for Fantastic Race 2018!

UPDATE: Make sure your Patrols check the "Patrol Information" page as we've updated the information.

This is the biggest Scout game going in Victoria. Got your MyKi and your phone all charged up ready to go? Join us on August 4th and 5th starting at Heathmont Railway Station. Travel in Patrols on trains. Answer clues. Find stuff. Do things. Have fun. Eat pizza. Watch movies. Get a cool event badge. Sleep optional. Only $15 per Scout.

Pre-registration is essential as we're capped at 600 Scouts. Registration closes July 22nd or when we're full so tell your Leader not to leave it to the last second or you'll miss out.

Country Patrols welcome. We can accommodate you Friday night at no additional cost as long as you feed yourselves that night. Register your Patrols and contact us!

You must register in Patrols. No-one else in your troop wants to go? Ditch them and join another troop for the event.

Payment. Your leader will be invoiced after registration and must pay before the event.

Journey? By itself this easily qualifies as a Pioneer Journey. If the Scouts organise the lot then it could be an Explorer Journey.

Learner or Competitive? This year we've adopted a principle from Scouthike. Patrols that have a leader walking with them are learning the game, they will be scored but are not eligible for prizes. In the event a Learner Patrol comes in the top three we will go down the hierarchy of results to the next non Learner Patrol.

The Patrol Leader and Scout Leader will both receive a Patrol Information Pack by email on registration which extends on the information on this website including phone numbers. Leaders will also receive a Leader Information pack. More information will be sent to Leaders closer to the event which has things such as contact information.

The Game Time Table

Register at

Contact for more information.