Scout Camp Otter Lake QC

Reservation and Payment Process

Reservation Process

  1. Submit your Rental Reservation:
    1. Check for available dates and sites using the Reservation Calendar. Note: The calendar shows the current reservations, both tentative and confirmed, and each one identified what sites are currently reserved. So, if there is nothing listed in a given date or the site you desire is not listed then it should be available.
    2. Check the Camp Map to identify the site(s)/ facility you wish to rent;
    3. Review the Conditions of Rental to ensure you comply with the requirements;
    4. Complete the Online Camp Otter Lake QC Rental Request form.
    5. The Rental Request will be sent to the:
      1. Camp Booking Officer.
      2. Camp Financial Officer.
  2. Receive Confirmation of Tentative Booking
    1. Camp Booking Officer will send email to advise if the requested dates and site(s) are still available and if they are that the sites have been tentatively reserved for you.
  3. Receive Reservation Invoice
    1. Camp Financial Officer will, once the availability has been confirmed, send you a Reservation Invoice based on the details of the Booking Reservation.
  4. Pay Down Payment (See Making Payments Section Below)
    1. From the date of the Camp Financial Officer’s email you have 10 business days to make the required down payment to confirm your booking.
    2. Failure to Pay Down Payment in the required time frame will result in the Reservation being removed from the Booking Calendar and is no longer considered active.
    3. Note: If more time is required contact the Camp’s Booking Officer by sending an email to the Camp’s Financial Officer thru the camp’s general email (
  5. Send Receipt Image for Rental Confirmation
    1. When you make a payment at the Voyageur Council Office they will issue you a receipt. Once you have received the Payment Receipt send an image / picture of it to the Camp’s general email ( When the Payment Receipt is received:
      1. The Camp’s Book Officer will change your Reservation Booking in the Camp’s Calendar from Tentative to Confirmed, and
      2. The Camp’s Financial Officer will reply to your email confirming and thanking you for the payment.
  6. Cancellation:
    1. See the Cancellation Procedure for details on how to cancel your reservation and the possible penalties related to cancelling a reservation
  7. Finalize Reservation Details
    1. No later than Two (2) weeks prior to the actual Camp start date, send an email to the Camp’s general email address ( advising of your final numbers and any other required changes to the Reservation. This information will be used to prepare the Final Reservation Invoice. If more time is required prior to finalizing your details please send an email to the Camp’s general email address ( explaining the situation.
  8. Receive Updated Reservation Invoice for Final Payment
    1. On receipt of your email with the finalized Reservation details, the Camp’s Financial Officer will prepare and send you the Updated Reservation Invoice for final payment.
  9. Pay Final Reservation Invoice:
    1. Please pay the Final Reservation Invoice as soon as possible and No Later than 10 Business days from the last day of the camp.
  10. Camp
  11. Pay Outstanding Balance as per Final Reservation Invoice. See Note 9.


  1. General Information:
  2. All Payments are to be made at or through the Voyageur Council Office (address below). Please ensure the following information is provided to the Voyageur Council Office staff for inclusion on the payment receipts:
    1. Reservation Invoice # (e.g. something like “F10E55T1”)
    2. “Camp Otter Lake QC” - make sure it has the ‘QC’.
    3. Group & Section Name (e.g. “199 Ottawa Scout Troop”)
  3. Accepted Payment Types:
  4. You can pay by:
    1. Cash: Do not send through mail!
    2. Cheque: If paying by cheque, the cheque is:
      1. To be made payable to “ Scouts Canada - Camp Otter Lake QC”
      2. To reference the Reservation Invoice number (e.g. something like “F10E55T1”)
    3. Major Credit Card
    4. Debit Card
  5. How to Pay
    1. By Phone: If paying by Credit Card you can pay by phone.
    2. By Mail: You can mail (postal service) your payment if paying by cheque. Do not send cash!
    3. In Person at the Voyageur Council Office (address below): In person you can pay by Cash, Cheque, Major Credit Card, or by Debit Card.
  6. Where to pay or send payments:
  7. As mentioned above all payments are to be made at or through the Voyageur Council Office.
    1. Its address is: “Suite 200, 1345 Baseline Rd., Ottawa, ON K2C 0A7”
    2. Its phone number is: 613-225-2770 ext: 501 or 502 (ask for Ladka or Lynn)
  8. Payment Receipt:
    1. When you make a payment the Voyageur Council Office will issue a Payment Receipt, please ensure the items list in step #1 are on the receipt.

Send an image / picture of the receipt to the Camp’s General Email (