Scout Camp Otter Lake QC

Rental Usage & Conditions

Scout Camp Otter Lake QC is primarily for use by Groups and Members of Scouts Canada, but can also be rented by 3rd party organizations. Unfortunately, at this time we are not prepared to rent to the general public. Rental of a site(s) or facility is done by completing the Reservation Process as defined below. In addition to the Reservation Process, any third party rental requests must meet the additional requirements as specified in the applicable section below.

Scouts Canada Groups and Users

  1. The Camp, its facilities, or camp sites may be rented by any Scouting entity recognized to be a member of Scouts Canada provided the following are satisfied:
    1. Adults – Scouting Members and Non-Scouting Members
      1. All Adults, both those who are Scouting members and those who are not, must meet the requirements specified in the Scouts Canada Volunteer Screening Policy (see
      2. A copy of all supporting documents should be available on site for the Camp Warden if requested. e.g. the signed Scouts Canada Hold Harmless form, and the Code of Conduct.
    2. Non- Registered Youth - The renting entity must have a completed and signed Hold Harmless form for any unregistered youth on site at the camp, and the youth should be aware of the expected conduct.
  2. Insurance - While all members of Scouts Canada are covered by the organization’s insurance, the primary insurance for individuals’ is considered to be their personal insurance, e.g Provincial or Private/3rd party insurance.
  3. Booking Camp Usage - Follow the direction provided in section 3.4 to book the camp. Of note Scouting Groups and Members are given priority over 3rd Party requests.

Third Party Usage (Organizations and Groups)

Third Party renters are considered to be any organization, company, or group which is not directly associated to Scouts Canada, and is involved with youth. This includes other members of the World Organization of the Scout Movement, Cadets, Girl Guides, etc. Third Party renters can rent the camp facilities and sites provided they satisfy the conditions listed below and the request will be considered after any Scouts Canada related reservation request.

  1. Organizational Hold Harmless Agreement - The Renter’s organization must sign the Scouts Canada Organizational Hold Harmless Form. The form is available at
  2. Insurance - The Third Party Organization must provide a General Liability Insurance Certificate from their insurer for a minimum of $2,000,000.00 (2 million) with Scouts Canada as a named insured on the certificate.
  3. Conduct - While the Third Party is not a member of Scouts Canada, they are expected/required to act and conduct themselves in a manner that would not reflect negatively on Scouts Canada.
  4. Booking Usage - Third Party entities can book Scout Camp Otter Lake QC using the Reservation Process described below. Until the camp committee receives the items listed below the booking is tentative and if a request from a Scouting Group is received for the same period and locations, the Scouting Group will have priority. The booking will not be considered confirmed until the Camp Committee receives the:
    1. Organizational Hold Harmless Form;
    2. General Liability Insurance Certificate;
    3. Down Payment.
  5. Third Party Rental Rates - Third Parties may rent the site(s) /facility at a rate of one and a half (1.5) times the posted rates, rounded up to the nearest dollar.
  6. Third Party Notes:
    1. Girl Guides of Canada: At the National Level the necessary paperwork and agreements have been done between Scouts Canada and The Girl Guides of Canada to allow the Girl Guides organization to rent Scouts Canada Properties. This means requests from The Girl Guides of Canada do not need to submit the 3 requested documents.
    2. Any Third Party special requirements or requests may modify the rental cost of the camp.

General Public