Scout Camp Otter Lake QC

Camp Rules & Standing Orders

Rental Rules/Standing Orders

  1. All Garbage MUST be taken from site. Do NOT LEAVE Empty Boxes or anything at the camp. Either bring your garbage home or to the local dump which is approx. 6 km from the camp. Directions are on the website or posted at the camp in the cabin and in the Wood Shed. The Dump is located at 577 Highway 301, Otter Lake (Qu├ębec) J0X 2P0
  2. No leaving crafts, projects, etc.: While it is encouraged and part of the program to do special projects and crafts while at camp. And while we appreciate the beauty and possible usefulness of the craft or project, please ensure you pickup and take with you all of your crafts, projects, etc.
  3. Camp Otter Lake Use: The camp is provided for use of registered members of the world-wide Scouting movement by providing facilities for the delivery of the Scout program. No user of the camp (Scouts or Third Party) are permitted to do Activities banned by Scouts Canada are not to be conducted/done at camp. All Users are expected to conduct themselves in a manner that will not reflect poorly of Scouts Canada.
  4. Practice Leave No Trace Camping.
  5. The theme of "no-trace" camping is essential for the preservation of these facilities and is applicable to all aspects of its use. You are expected to cut out any grass (sod) and to put it back if you are having a fire in the field area or on a grassy area. A shovel is available in the Wood Shed.
  6. Camp Fires and Firewood:
    1. FIRE PREVENTION AND WARNING STATUS: Camp users are to check the website prior to their camp to be aware of any fire restriction or bans. On the SOPFeu QC website, enter "Otter Lake, QC" in the city.
    2. Fire Bucket: If you have a fire you must have either a bucket of water or sand, or both, on hand. Plastic pails are available in the Wood Shed.
    3. If you have purchased firewood with your rental the firewood is in the wood shed beside the cabin.
    4. If you have not purchased firewood with your rental, there is lots of deadfall to be found around the camp.
    5. Purchasing Firewood: If you did not purchase firewood with your rental agreement, Firewood can be purchased on site - $5 per site per night. Put money in the box on the wall inside the Wood Shed.
    6. Cabin Wood Stove: Only use the firewood from the Wood Shed in the wood stove.
  7. Damage Repairs: The group booking the site is responsible for any expense required to restore the site or facilities should it be necessary as a consequence of their occupancy.
  8. Locking and Securing: The cabin, shed and gate must be locked when departing and during any extended absence from the site.
  9. Check-in and Check-out Procedures: Renters are to complete the check-in and check-out sheets and leave them in the box on the wall inside the Wood Shed.