Tipi Project

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Scout Camp Otter Lake QC is in the process of constructing a 26' diameter Tipi. Thanks to the hard work of the 32nd Ottawa Venturer Company along with some of their senior Scouts, the Tipi Frame is now up and ready to be covered. We are hoping to have the Tipi ready for use by the end of August... just in time for the new Scouting season. The Tipi is approximately 23' tall and will have an inner and outer coverings, and a 3' diameter fire pit in the centre. The inside ground is not covered, so groups are encouraged to bring their own drop sheets/bottom tarps, and even though it is a sand base if you are looking for a softer surface make sure you bring you bed mat (foam or air). There will be approximately 18 hooks on the inside to hang your backpacks on.

To take a look at some of the Tipi construction photos we have see the Tipi Photos page

If your looking to help with the Tipi project, this is what we still have to do:

  • Build fire pit using rock collected from around the area
  • Cut the Outer Cover
  • Cut the Inner Wall Covering
  • Hang the Outer Cover and peg and sew in place
  • Hang the Inner Wall Covering
  • Cut and hang the ceiling and heat deflector
  • Construct the Tipi door
  • Hang the Tipi door
  • Install the equipment hooks on the inside.

Contact Scout Camp Otter Lake QC at campotterlake@gmail.com if your interested in helping.