Projects Listing

Scout Camp Otter Lake QC has a number of projects not only underway either under development or in the approval process. If you are looking for a Capstone project for your top level awards for yourself, a youth, or a group of youth, well Scout Camp Otter Lake QC is likely able to find an appropriate project. Or if you have an idea for a project for the camp do not hesitate to let us know about it (send an email to

The below is a listing of Scout Camp Otter Lake QC projects for both new items and related to maintenance.


Project Name

Project Description / Status


Tipi Construction


Construct a 26' foot Tipi. The initial version of the Tipi will be constructed using a large tarp as the wrap which will later be replaced with an heavier material. The tarp will be used as a pattern for the alternate material. The Tipi is going to be properly constructed to allow people to sleep in it and there will be a fire pit in it.

Status: Frame is currently 30% complete, and is being actively worked on.


Adventure Trail / Obstacle Course

The Adventure Trail will consist of a number of various obstacle stations including, but not limited to the following:

  • Climbing Wall with Ropes Obstacle
  • Sloped Wall Obstacle
  • Over Under Obstacle
  • 3 Wall Over Obstacle
  • Tunnel Obstacles (Ground based and swinging)
  • Cargo Net Obstacle

Status: Currently about to start construction on a couple of the major obstacles and seeking more donations.


Permit / Skill Stations

The Permit / Skills Stations project will deliver a kit which will allow the users to conduct the standard Permit / Skills instructions, including:

  • Knife Skills
  • Axe, Hatchet Skills
  • Saw Skills
  • Lantern Skills
  • Stove Skills
  • Pioneering Skills
  • Fire Starting Skills

Status: Nearly ready for roll-out and launch.


Target Range Improvements

The basic Target Range needs to be enhance/spruced up with somethings like a seating area, fencing, a backdrop net, etc. This project is planned to be implemented in a number of stages.

Status: Approved by Area Team


New Picnic Tables

The camp needs a few more picnic tables. We would like to have at least two (2) tables at each site.

Status: Approved


Benches for around the Fire Pits

Need to have some of the logs around the Fire Pit on the point by the beach replaced.

Status: Approved


New Dock for Boat Put-in Area

Need build a new simple straight dock for the area by the boat put-in, near the Jones Junction camp site.

Status: Approved


New Main Dock

Need build a new dock to replace the current one located in front of the cabin.

Status: Approved


Dining Shelters

Construct a couple of additional Dining Shelters (similar to the current D&D Diner). Suggested sites currently are:

  • One (1) in Zone C in the clearing not far from the kybos/privies.
  • One (1) in the Field or in Zone D

Status: Approved



Construct up to four (4) small cabins capable of sleeping between 8 to 10 persons, and one (1) larger cabin capable of sleeping up to 12 with a food prep and a sitting area. All cabins will have a small wood stove to heat it when necessary.

Status: Pending, Approval, & Funding


New Flag Poles

Construct a set of flag poles near the camp entrance. Should be able to display at a minimum of three (3) flags (or more)

Status: Approved


Camp Entrance Sign

Construct a sign to hang from/between the two (2) tripods at the main camp entrance.

Status: Approved


Site Signs & Directions

Construct signs to identify each of the camp's Zones, Camp Sites, and Activity Areas.

Status: Approved, Wood Slabs acquired, just need to route the signs


Construct New Main Parking Area

Construct a parking area outside and to the west of the camp's main entrance. The parking area will be in the cleared area near the power lines.

Status: Pending


Regrade Camp Roads

Regrade the camp roads where there has been severe rutting from the heavy rain falls this spring.

Status: Regular Maintenance - Approved


Groom Access Ways and Paths

Trim the vegetation back from the roads and main pathways.

Status: Regular Maintenance - Approved


Remove Tree from Beach Area

Cut-up and remove the tree from the beach area.

Status: Regular Maintenance - Approved


Build Orienteering Course

Construct one (1) or more Orienteering courses throughout the camp.

Status: Approved


Camp Geocaches

Geocaches have been hidden at the camp. Just need to prepare the instructions and a web page for people to record their findings.

Status: Approved


Canoes - Protective Edging

Install protective edging on the canoes so they do not get so damaged from the shoreline or rough use.

Status: Maintenance - Approved


Clean-up Shoreline

Clean-up the shoreline along the camp's property, e.g. remove garbage (if any), fire rings/tire rims, etc.

Status: Maintenance - Approved


Firewood Stands

Construct a number of Racks/Stands to stack firewood in around the camp.

Status: Maintenance - Approved


Firewood Stands

Construct a number of Racks/Stands to stack firewood in around the camp.

Status: Maintenance - Approved


Project Name

Project Description / Status