Scout Camp Otter Lake QC has a variety of projects which are either underway or waiting to be done, and even a couple that we still have to secure the approvals. If you, your group, or section is interested in either helping out with a project or even taking on a project, please contact the camp at

The camp also hold a work day every spring and fall and this is an excellent time to come out and help. We normally have activities appropriate for senior Scout Cubs through to Rover Scouts and even for the Scouters. Check the home page for news on when the next one will be happening.

For a complete list of possible projects see the Project Listing page, but here are some of the projects which are currently underway:

  1. Tipi Shelter: Construction of 26' diameter by 23' high Tipi with a 3' fire pit. The Tipi will be capable of sleeping approximately 15 to 20+ persons - depending on how much gear you bring in and the size of everyone.
  2. Adventure Trail: The Adventure Trail which is an obstacle course with approximately 15+ stations which range from timber constructed obstacles (such as climbing wall(s), ramps, etc), to Rope/Cargo net types, to tunnels (both ground and swinging), to balance obstacles, to tire flipping (can you flip a tire from a forestry vehicle?). Many of the obstacles are being done so they can be used to encourage team work/cooperation, and are also being implemented in a way so there are different levels of difficulty.
  3. Target Range: We are in the process of enlarging the target range area to make it more usable and have a number of smaller projects related to this that are aimed at improving the target range.
  4. D&D Diner Addition: We have an old fashioned wood burning kitchen oven/stove that was donated to the camp. We want to add on to one end an enclosure to house the stove. And to fix the shelter up so that tarps can be hung from the perimeter to enclose it for the winter and heat it using the wood stove.
  5. Clearing for Trail(s): The camp has a couple of Trails that it needs to be cleared and widened. This include cutting down some smaller trees. This project is excellent for groups looking to actually put their Axe and Saw permits to work or to earn their permits.
  6. Groom and Widen Trails/Roads: Because the camp is in the forest (go figure) the vegetation continues to grow and as such every so often we need to have it trimmed back.