About Us

Scout Camp Otter Lake QC first opened in 1957. With the exception of a few improvements the camp has remained relatively unchanged since it was first constructed. As much as possible we try to maintain the camp as a wilderness based camp.

The camp is managed and maintained by the members of the Camp Committee under the Heritage Area in the Voyageur Council. We are always looking for more assistance / volunteers so if you would be interested in joining the Camp Committee please contact either the Camp Chair or Camp Warden (see contacts for contact info).

See the Site Descriptions & Rental Rates page for the details related to each site, but in general the camp consists of:

  1. One (1) cabin (Richardson Lodge) - Sleeps up to 32, has a propane stove/oven and lanterns <Note: Propane is not supplied! Connection is a standard BBQ connector.>
  2. One(1) Wood/Equipment Storage Shed,
  3. Six(6) Patrol size camp sites, one(1) with an Eating Shelter,
  4. Three(3) Group size camp sites,
  5. Three(3) Wilderness camp sites suitable for Patrols,
  6. Two(2) Multiple Group size camp sites,
  7. Sanitary Stations - there are numerous privies/ kybos/ outhouses throughout the camp,
  8. One(1) Target Range,
  9. Program, Gaming, Watercraft, and Camping Equipment is available (some at no cost, some for a minor fee) <See "Rental Equipment" link on left side.>

Potable Water - While the camp does not have potable water onsite, potable water is available year round at the local municipal office building located 1.1 Km from the camp. There is a map to the Potable water on each of the Check-In Forms.

Firewood - Groups will be charged a minimum of 1 unit for each site and night of their stay. A unit of firewood costs $5.50

Garbage & Recycling - Group MUST take all their garbage/refuge/recycling with them when they leave the camp. Do not leave anything behind - including cardboard boxes! You can either take you garbage and recycling home with you or take it to the local Garbage / Recycling Depot. There is a map to the Garbage / Recycling Depot on each of the Check-Out Forms.