Scout Camp Otter Lake QC

OPENING SOON! Currently doing some necessary maintenance!

Will be opening for Scouting Family Camping to start and Scouts Canada Groups Day use,

and then for Scout Group Overnight Camping when Scouts Canada gives the approval for it!

OUVERTURE PROCHAINE! Actuellement en train de faire l'entretien nécessaire!

Ouverture du camping familial Scoutisme et utilisation de la journée des groupes de Scouts Canada,

et ensuite pour le camping de nuit en groupe scout lorsque Scouts Canada en donne l'approbation!


Located on the shore of Lac Hughes, in the municipality of Otter Lake, QC - Scout Camp Otter Lake QC is one of the many active Scouts Canada camp properties in the Voyageur Council region (Eastern Ontario/Western Quebec). The camp offers a camp experience in a nature setting... a real outdoors scouting feeling whether you stay in the Richardson Lodge, tent it, stay in the Tipi or decide to construct your own shelter. The camp is able to host multiple groups at the same time and should have a site/facility suitable to your needs.

Whether you do your own programming or use the camp's resources there are numerous program opportunities at the camp - see the Programs Opportunities page for some of the options.

Scout Camp Otter Lake QC is managed and maintained by the volunteers of the Camp Committee. If you would be interested in helping with the camp whether in an administrative or hands on way, please contact either the Camp Chair or Camp Warden - see Contacts tab for details.

Come a visit us year round!


The Tipi is located at the Hid-In-Pines campsite and is about 25 1/2 feet (7.8 m) in diameter by 26 feet (8 m) in height, with a large wood-burning stove and can sleep up to about 18 to 20 (depending on how you arrange everyone and how much group equipment you put in the Tipi).

While the Tipi can be used by any section level, for the winter it is recommended that only Troop level and above sleep in it. There is still plenty of room at the Hid-In-Pines campsite for a Kitchenette and other tents.

Book the Tipi using the online reservation application and select the Hid-In-Pines campsite.

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Survival Shelters - Have you built one lately?

Check out the article at for some ideas and how-to for survival shelter options.

For your information Scout Camp Otter Lake encourages building your own shelters and even has a wilderness zone where you can try to build almost any type of shelter provide you adhere to the Leave No Trace principles! And yes you can have a small fire at your shelter provided appropriate safe guards are taken, e.g. bucket of water, ground properly cleared, and not to close to the shelter, trees, or other flammable materials.

Camper News - 2019-09-29

36th Ottawa Venturer Company did their 'Pocket Survival" camp this weekend. They hiked to the camp from a few kilometres away and negotiated their way through the woods behind the camp to get there. They built their own shelter complete with fire and heat deflector. And they are Leaving-No-Trace.

Outstanding work 36th Ottawa Venturers!

Located on Hughes Lake near the community of Otter Lake, QC approximately 120 km west-north-west of Gatineau/Ottawa.

Address: 19 Chemin Scout, Otter Lake, QC J0X 2P0

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GPS Coordinates for the front gate: N45:51:34, W076:26:13

Camp Crests Available at $3 each