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Located on the shore of Lac Hughes, in the municipality of Otter Lake, QC - Scout Camp Otter Lake QC is one of the many active Scouts Canada camp properties in the Voyageur Council region (Eastern Ontario/Western Quebec). The camp offers a camp experience in a nature setting... a real outdoors scouting feeling whether you stay in the Richardson Lodge, tent it, stay in the Tipi or decide to construct your own shelter. The camp is able to host multiple groups at the same time and has sites and facilities suitable to your needs.

Whether you do your own programming or use the camp's resources there are numerous program opportunities at the camp - see the Programs Opportunities page for some of the options. This year we are happy to announce the enlarged Target Range is now open, and the camp has a variety of range equipment to satisfy the youths needs - choose from Archery with Recurve Bows, Slingshots, or SOG Throwing Axes.

Scout Camp Otter Lake QC is managed and maintained by the volunteers of the Camp Committee. If you would be interested in helping with the camp whether in an administrative or hands on way, please contact either the Camp Chair or Camp Warden - see Contacts tab for details.

Come a visit us year round!

Hid-In-Pines Tipi Site Update

  1. We have addressed Groups comments regarding the Tipi Entrance flap by constructing a mudroom entrance addition with a standard door. This allows the storage of outdoor wear in the mudroom. Recommend bringing slippers or indoor shoes for inside the Tipi. It is NOT a dirt floor, there is a tarp covering - so, yes it can be slippery if wet. The fire in the centre of the Tipi keeps occupants comfortable, Note: There are Air Vent tubes providing fresh air to the tipi and ensuring the updraft of the smoke out the top.

  2. The site now has a large propane BBQ with a side burner. Groups provide Propane.

Thank you Cabela's

On 18 August 2021, Scout Camp Otter Lake QC was fortunate to receive a grand from Cabela's! This grant enabled the camp to acquire equipment for the Target Range. Thanks to the grant from Cabela's the camp now has archery equipment, tomahawks, and sling shots available for use at the camp. The photograph below is of members of the Camp Committee receiving the Grant at the Cabela's Ottawa Store. In the photograph, from left to right is Scouter Cal Clupp, Scouter Robert Gaudreau, Scouter Perry Schippers, Marie-France Kers (Assistant Manager), and Stephen Gagne (General Manager). Second photograph below is of the items acquired thanks to the Cabela's Grant.

The archery equipment selected and acquired was done in consultation with Cabela's Ottawa Archery Pros to ensure the equipment is appropriate for the ages permitted to use the equipment in accordance with Scouts Canada's Shooting Sports Standards. This equipment will only be for use at the Scout Camp Otter Lake QC Target Range.

On behalf of all the youth that will benefit from the use of this equipment - Thank you Cabela's!

Located on Hughes Lake near the community of Otter Lake, QC approximately 120 km west-north-west of Gatineau/Ottawa.

Address: 19 Chemin Scout, Otter Lake, QC J0X 2P0

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GPS Coordinates for the front gate: N45:51:34, W076:26:13

Camp Crests Available at $3 each